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They say art makes life better, no matter what the form. Art keeps an artist alive and it’s the duty of an artist to keep the art alive. When you are an artist, art becomes your life. Art is of value, to prove that an artist is always in need of a platform. When you are a poet, storyteller, musician or stand-up comic you fall in love with the stage and your audience. The first time you step on it and perform your heart out, the feeling is unmatched. You lose yourself to your art while you perform. This article here provides you with a general idea and experiences that you have while you perform at open mics in Chandigarh.

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What is an open mic?

An open mic or an open stage event is open to all the creative people such as poets, storytellers, musicians and comics. It is a way to share your art with the world. Open mic nights have been a concept that has encouraged artists a lot. It is not just a concept that provides artists with a platform but a concept that provides people with a space to enjoy art.

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What happens in an open mic?

In an open mic, artists get to perform and share their talents with the crowd. The crowd that is gathered is of all the art enthusiasts. People get to showcase their talent by sharing their own original pieces with the crowd or musicians can sing their own take on a popular creation. Art and creativity are the heart of an open mic, and the audience is what keeps it alive. what happens in an open mic is that they promote the freedom to express. They are a great space for an artist to start from.

Such events are also conducted to attract people towards new properties like cafes, restraunts etc.

Why perform at an open mic in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh is a town with a beauty of its own. A city that is an art in itself. A hub of beautiful gardens and a representation of art at every other step. What better place to put your art out there than a city that is art in itself?

Open mics in Chandigarh can be a start to a great artistic career ahead, for a lot of people. Performing at an open mic is one of the most effective way to gain the experience of entertaining a crowd. An open mic is one of the safest ways to put yourself out there, you have nothing to lose there but a lot to learn. You gain the experience of working a crowd. You get to know what your audience likes and what they don’t.

Open mics can be very beneficial for networking, which can provide a boost to your career. Networking with people in your field opens the gates for new and various opportunities. That is how you go from paying to perform in front of a crowd to the crowd paying to see you perform.

Through performing at an open mic and networking, you get to establish your presence as an artist. You get to be known for your work and that’s how you become a part of the community. Your existence in the particular scenario becomes evident.

When you start to perform at open mics, people start knowing you. They start loving your work and that’s how you get to establish a fan base for your self. If you gain a following through open mics, you’ll get that audience for your paid shows.

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When should I start performing at open mics?

Answering this with a counter question, ‘when did you know you wanted to try your luck as an artist?’. If you know the answer, then you should start performing as soon as you decide. These open mics have a very nominal charge that you have to pay to perform.

If you are a student and are concerned about the charge or are conscious about your material as a beginner. There is a solution for you too. There are quite a number of open mics in Chandigarh for students held time to time in the city. These open mics are usually free or for a very less price.

What is the process for registering for these open mics?

Every other open mic has their own registration process. Some of these are pre-registered and some of them also take on the spot entries.

If you want the open mics with on the spot entries, you can look for open mic in Chandigarh today and you might find some meaningful results.

If you want to register and prepare for it, you can always search for upcoming open mics in Chandigarh and get results.

Once you find the event that is suitable for you, you can follow the registration process and you are good to go.

Popular comedy open mics in Chandigarh- The Laugh Club Open Mic.

Comedy is a field that is getting popular day by day. The stand up comics have set a new bar in India. Comedy is an art that a number of people wants to try thier luck at.

One of the most popular comedy open mic in Chandigarh is the laugh club open mic. The laugh club chandigarh conducts open mics that go by the motto of learn, perform, improve. These events go on from Mondays to Fridays and charge ₹79 onwards. These are the artist discovery open mics that are conducted to encourage new artists and provide them a safe space to present their art.

You can register for the laugh club events any time. It can be done via bookmyshow chandigarh.

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the laugh club open mic

Poetry Events In Chandigarh

They say poetry and literature are one of the dying art forms but there are people who are keeping it alive and their words evoke emotions in such a way that fills people up with several emotions. Open mic poetry in Chandigarh is not dying anytime soon. Chandigarh has several poetry and literature enthusiasts.

From the students to the teachers or just people who enjoy poetry, there are quite a number of people like that who live in Chandigarh and around.

There are a number of poetry events and open mics that you can find in and around Chandigarh. From the larger poetry platforms like poems and kahaniyan or smaller cafes and organization like rotaract clubs conduct them throughout the year.

The information on these is not fixed and can’t be found easily but it comes out around the events on various social media platforms.

You can book tickets for these events from paytminsider or bookmyshow Chandigarh, wherever they are available.

There are some co working spaces in Chandigarh that also organise these open mics.

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poetry events in chandigarh


Art is way of life. It makes surviving a little less hard. With the rise in technology and meaningless humour becoming popular it has become an issue for art to live longer but artists are the people that are making it live. Art lives in an artist and artist lives in art but to keep it alive they need to keep coming forward.

Open mics provides artist an opportunity to come forward and keep living for their art. That is why, open mics in Chandigarh in lockdown were conducted online and kept giving artists an opportunity to shine.

Frequently Asked Questions.

When and where open mics in Chandigarh happens?

There are several platforms that conduct open mics in chandigarh. You can get detailed information on social media handles of these platforms conducting them.

Are these open mics free?

Some of these open mics are free and some are not. The laugh club open mic charges a nominal fee and is affordable for artists

Can I register last minute at the venue?

Every open mic has their own registration process. If the platform conducting allows you to register last minute, then why not?

Can I conduct an open mic?

Anyone who wants to, can conduct an open mic but then you’ll have to take care of all the arrangements for it. The arrangements basically includes, venue, sounding systems, spreading the word etc.

Do colleges in chandigarh conduct open mics?

Yes, quite a number of colleges do conduct open mics. For information on those you’ll have to check social media handles or websites of colleges and college clubs.

Can open mics make people famous?

Open mics have the major objective of pushing people and their art forward. If you and your art are worth it and the audience enjoys you performing , then yes, open mics can make you famous.


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