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DevOps training In Chandigarh

Today’s business scenario is like that every business has part of software business in it, this is the reason why DevOps is getting famous day by day and quickly becoming a part and parcel of every business using IT or software in it. Main focus of DevOps is to improve the quality, speed and deliverability of a software in a complete SDLC. It is helping software companies to improve the quality, time, revenue and durability by 20 to 30%, such scope of this course makes it essential to Learn DevOps for technical students, this is the main reason that Techedo Technologies has adapted the DevOps Training in Chandigarh to increase the rate of success in career of students.

What is DevOps?

Some people define it a product some say it a technology though it is a methodology, basically it combines the functions that are separate in software development ie. DEV along with the production and operations ie. OPS and integrates it into a single process. Basically, the concept of DevOps is integrating different parts of Software Development Life Cycle into one process.

How DevOps works?

All software companies or a company having software development scenario has different teams one team is software team another is testing team, software team develops the code of a software and forward it to the testing to test it, but basically it is a time taking process as the sometimes software environment is different, Tools are different or in normal conditions too it takes time to first find out the issues and make a report of it and get solved get rechecked and so on, this is the fault which is solved by set of tools called DevOps.

Devops is not a software not a platform it is a process a thinking to solve the faults of SDLC and make the process more proficient and faster. Tools used in it uses automation process for testing, implementations and monitoring thus using DevOps methodology a software is finally launched in lesser time than a traditional scenario of SDLC. Even in some cases products are being launched in a single day as compare to the traditional process tat could take weeks.

Why DevOps Training?

In current IT scenario as the need of DevOps is increasing thus the opportunity for this profile has also started taking place in many IT and non-IT companies, Techedo Technologies is the first company who has successfully implemented an efficient plan for Devops Course in Chandigarh we were planning to introduce this course later since 2018, after managing the exact skillset we are happy to announce that we are one of the few Institutes of Devops Training in Chandigarh

Essential modules to Learn DevOps

  • Git
  • Docker
  • Docker Swarm
  • Pupet
  • Selenium
  • Ansible
  • Jenkins
  • Kubernets
  • Programming basics are must, knowledge of JAVA would be a great combination