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Data Science course in Chandigarh

Data science is a term used to explain a whole branch of Scouring | extraction | Retrieving | Processing | Taking output of data using different tolls, programming, platforms etc. Data science is all about taking out, use and process data or any one among mentioned tasks irrespective to the software or platform you are using. You may use MS-excel, Sql, R-Language, Python or any other medium for it. Anything you will to work on data comes under data science. Data science is one f the most processing career today, this is the reason Techedo Technologies as managed an infrastructure to provide best Data Science course in Chandigarh

Who are data scientists and data analysts?

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To understand this profile we have to understand the whole process of data flow at the organization level.

The first level is Data warehouse, where the heaps of data are placed which has got retrieved from various sources, for example, API, Excel sheets, manual data, etc. Here the profile of data engineer comes in play, A Data Engineer makes sure to store the data in an efficient way so that it has to be used for further processes with great efficiency.

The second level is Data Analyst it applies the various processes on the formatted data to take out information from it and visualizes it.

The third and master level is a Data Scientist through a data scientist who also plays the role of data analyst sometimes so the second level is also his area of skillset. A brief description of its role is that he creates a model using codes/concepts of machine learning to format and make the data in a usable form.

He also deploys this model into the realtime process and starts using the data, data get deployed the production with the frontend user to use it. The final possibility of the data scientist is to optimize the model he created with the help of experiences and optimize it for further durability.

Why data science course?

Every company has its data that might be a product based company or service based company, Company will either keeps data by itself or give other company to manage its data, what ever company does this data has to be processed always and this gives opportunity for the data profiles, small data could be handle using basic software like Excel, bigger data will take next level platform like Sql to manage it and in case data goes further of its limit will us platforms like Oracle and after that concept of Big data implies when we have tons of data that cant be handle by other platform. This is how the data science is generating different opportunities in the IT industry to manage, process and perform different tasks on data. According to the surveys “ Data industry expected to reach $118.52 billion by 2022” Another “ This is an estimate that each company will have at least 2 data science teams in it as the market of data science is growing” this is why Data Science training in Chandigarh is a good option for student these days

Modules for Data Science course

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Python for data science is an elite module for data science course, use of python and machine learning is data science is very common and essential these days, as everybody known that python is an advance platform and using it for data could bring big opportunities for the students.


XML is an essential module for data science, it stands for extensible markup language, it is a markup language just like HTML , it is developed to design and formatting of data, the transportation of data goes in that that format for the processing and that design has to be self-descriptive.


R is a programming open source language, this language is widely used by statisticians, data miners and developers to develop softwires for data analytics.


Sql is used in programming and managing the data for stream processing in RDBMS, SQL stands for statured query language

Advance Excel

Advance Excel is also a good tool for data processes and taking outputs, in small organizations advance excel is active and applicable at different points.

Big Data

The concept of bigdata was introduces when the amount od data was too big to handle by other technologies, Big data is there to handle the tons of data, it could be used for an organization itself or sometimes companies manage data of other comes using big data, Hadoop tool is use to run its process here we may go with Big Data Analytics or Development too.

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