The 8 Finest New Cafes in Chandigarh

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New Cafes in Chandigarh

8 Finest New Cafes in Chandigarh: As you approach Chandigarh, you can’t help but believe the statement that it is the finest-designed city in India. It is in fact a welcome difference to not have to navigate through busy streets filled with all kinds of cafes, street vendors, people and automobiles, which are typical of many other Indian towns.

The city of Chandigarh is renowned for its clean streets, exciting nightlife, and amazing cafés serving delicious meals. If you appreciate visiting places with a cosy or distinctive ambience and tasty food, these best cafés in Chandigarh are ideal for you. The architecture of Chandigarh is extremely clear evidence that it is a modern city. Moreover, it’s not easy for true cafe lovers to look through every new cafe in the town. So here, we are discussing the finest new Cafes in Chandigarh that are the people’s choice & have the best interior & ambience along with delicious food available in Chandigarh.

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So, here’s the list of the top 8 finest new cafes in Chandigarh that everyone should visit in Chandigarh. Thus, these cafes are a must-visit to experience the famous cafes in Chandigarh. However, if you enjoy going to places with family or friends with unique atmospheres and tasty food you must try out these best ambience cafes in Chandigarh.

1. Chai Verse

best cafe in Chandigarh, chai verse
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Chai Verse Cafe

A cup of steaming tea at Chai Verse along with delicious meals at the Chai Verse is a mouth-watering experience of New Cafes in Chandigarh. It is located in Sector 34- A Chandigarh. It’s a cool cafe in Chandigarh.

A perfect place for relaxing with your family, friends and loved ones. Moreover, the cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating with indoor games like chess, ludo, puzzles and carrom board etc are offered, so that you will not get bored here. It is a top cafe in Chandigarh with a beautiful interior, feel free to choose a fine spot for yourself to enjoy the music & vibe of this best cafe in Chandigarh.

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Popular Dishes-

  • Peri Peri Fries.
  • Rose tea of Chai Verse is a must-try.
  • Kulhad Pizza.
  • Various types of Pasta – Red sauce pasta, White Sauce pasta and Mixed Sauce pasta.
  • Various tea such as Mint green tea, Ginger chai, Masala chai, and Lemon tea.
  • Classic Mojito.
  • Choco Cold Coffee.
  • Timings- (Chai Verse timings are from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm).

A place where you can enjoy, work and catch up with your friends, it’s the best gaming cafe in Chandigarh. Chai Verse is a perfect hangout spot for youngsters, couples, and teenagers in Chandigarh. The cafe is adorned with wood furniture that gives luxury vibes inside, it is also a Cafe for book reading in Chandigarh. Chai Verse offers a bright and cheerful ambience paired with a beautiful outdoor seating area. However, it’s the best work-friendly aesthetic cafe in Chandigarh and a free -Wifi cafe for an extended period of time. Hence, enjoy comfortable seating, good music, mocktails, shakes, desserts, cakes and other delicious food and most importantly different varieties of chai’s & other food items at Chai Verse Chandigarh.

2. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Chandigarh
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Tim Hortons is one of the best coffee-serving restaurant chains available in Chandigarh in Sector 35C and Elante Mall Chandigarh. However, It is a Canadian multinational premium coffeehouse and the largest quick-service restaurant chain. Tim Hortons serves Coffee, doughnuts, Sandwiches and other fast food items. The menu of Tim Hortons Chandigarh now contains a number of other baked goods, such as bagels, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. In the mid -1990s the chain moved into speciality and premium items such as flavoured cappuccino, iced cappuccino, and iced coffee. Thus, Tim Hortons has become a favourite hangout spot for the young guns of Chandigarh in a very short time. Hence, It’s one of the most luxurious top cafes in Chandigarh. 

The menu contains a number of other baked goods, such as doughnut holes, muffins, croissants, tea biscuits, cookies, rolls, sandwiches, toast, pasta, pancakes etc.

3. Books N Brew Cafe

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Books N Brew Chandigarh

Customers adore hanging out in the cafe because of its alluring theme and décor. Therefore, the interior is expertly created. You should visit Books n Brews if you enjoy reading in beautiful settings while drinking hot coffee. However, Books n Brew, one of Chandigarh’s most well-liked book cafes, is renowned for holding events including poetry readings, live music performances, open mic nights, and art exhibits. Thus, It makes sense given how beautiful the cafe’s atmosphere is. The majority of Books n Brew regulars have nothing but positive things to say about the atmosphere the bar delivers.

Try their hot chocolate and homestyle pancakes. Hand-Beaten Coffee, Cappuccino, Spinach Corn Cheese Sandwich, Veg Pizza, and other favourites are also on the list. Hence, One of the city’s oldest cafés is Books N Brew, which is located in Sector 16 of Chandigarh. On the weekends, during the workweek, or whenever you prefer, it is a cosy location to hang out and enjoy yourself. Thus, the café was founded with the intention of encouraging readers among its patrons. This concept is so well-known that this café has hosted a number of literary festivals. Hence, It is one of the most beautiful cafes in Chandigarh.

4. Roadies Koffee Houz Cafe

Roadies Koffee Houz
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Roadies Koffee Houz Chandigarh

It is the ultimate destination for those seeking a comfortable & productive environment for co-working. It is one of the cafes to visit in Chandigarh & it is a cafe with private cabins. However, this is a new cafe franchise started in Tricity which opened under the name of ROADIES and was inspired by bikers. Thus, such well-designed, perfectly managed and people-friendly locations with a vibrant ambience of this cafe. Moreover, they have polite and helpful staff they are ready to serve you whatever you want with good presentation overall. However, along with tasty food you can enjoy live concerts, which definitely lightens up the mood of the visitors to this cafe.

Popular Dishes-

  • Focaccia Sandwich
  • Beast Mode Burgers
  • Pasta
  • Wanderlust Salad
  • Sourdough Toasts
  • Stuffed French Toast
  • Orange Chilli Platter
  • All American Platter
  • Snacks, Cheese Cake, Pan Cakes

5. Kala Ghoda Cafe- (Elante Mall, Chandigarh)

Kala Ghoda Cafe
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Kala Ghoda Cafe Chandigarh

It’s in a prime location & has a welcoming staff & it’s the best ambience cafe in Chandigarh which makes it the ideal place for meetings, dinners and individual work. Moreover, It is a brand-new restaurant and café with a whole different ambience that only recently opened its doors on the third level of the Elante Mall. However, here at Kalaghoda Cafe in Chandigarh, take in a little taste of Greek culture. As soon as you enter, you could see elaborate wall textures casting opulent Greek-style shadows. Hence, a variety of Continental, Italian, and North Indian dishes are offered on their large menu, along with various snacks, appetisers, salads, and specially prepared drinks.

Therefore, the days spent in Chandigarh’s Kala Ghoda Elante Mall are well-remembered. However, Kalaghoda is a gathering spot for art, culture, history, food, drink, and entertainment. Visit this recently launched restaurant in Elante Chandigarh to give your plans a little additional oomph and enjoy a night of your favourite beverages, delectable cuisine, and an experience you won’t soon forget.

6. Cafe JC’s

Cafe JC's in Chandigarh
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Cafe JC’s Chandigarh, located in Sector 10’s rear corridor of the market, has gained recognition for its casual personality that is as light, fresh, and easy as its cuisine. However, their open layout, light pastel decor, and furniture selection will give you the most beautiful Instagram backgrounds.

A wonderful picnic area that is airy, light, and filled with delicious French cuisine. JC’s is the best private place for couples in Chandigarh that offers cuisine for the soul thanks to a delicious brunch and supper menu made with some of the best local foods and vegetables.

This pet-friendly café offers a range of interesting dishes. From a substantial American breakfast to Continental, Italian, Oriental, and our distinctive North Indian cuisine, you can find it all here. There are indoor and outdoor seating options at this Chandigarh café. This provides an ideal spot to spend time with your significant other after a long day of work while listening to delightful retro-pop music and smelling the alluring fragrance of fresh air.

You may create the most beautiful Instagram backgrounds with their light pastel design, open layout, and furniture selection.

7. Olive Cafe and Bar

Olive Cafe Chandigarh
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Olive Café & Bar is a piece of the Mediterranean in Chandigarh, a lovely city. It is very low back, fabulously pleasant and full of the romance and charm of the Olive we know and loves. a sunny courtyard. A broad bar. A menu that takes you on a gourmet journey of the Mediterranean is also available. It offers varieties of Soups, Pizzas, Pasta, Risotto, Wraps, Sandwiches, Burgers etc.

It’s another beautiful place added to the city beautiful. If you are looking for a date place and luxurious cafe in Chandigarh, then Olive is a must-go place to have quality time with your loved ones. It’s the best cafe in Chandigarh for couples.

You are drawn in by Olive’s distinctive whites and blues at this café and bar. Come for dinner and enjoy the sunlight, laughing, and conversation. It’s a romantic cafe in Chandigarh, under a blanket of stars, have dinner together. At this recently opened restaurant in Chandigarh, there’s always a reason to celebrate.

Recommended dishes- Bruschetta, Tiramisu, Lebanese Platter.


Brooklyn Central Chandigarh
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Brooklyn Central Chandigarh

One of Chandigarh’s most popular spots is Brooklyn Café. It has an outstanding cuisine menu. However, this is the place to be if you love food. At Brooklyn Café, they may indulge in all of their favourite foods, including pizza, salads, coffee, and drinks. People should dine there frequently. Salmon, Mac N’ Cheese, Red Velvet Cheesecake, and Peach Ice Tea are a few of the items you should try here. It is one of the best Cafes in Chandigarh.

Popular Dishes

  • Mexicano Pizza
  • Mac N Cheese
  • Red Velvet Cheesecake
  • Salmon
  • Peach Ice Tea
  • Lasagne

Hence, One of the nicest cafés in Chandigarh, with a vast menu of American-style food with the actual thrill of Indian flavours. Customers absolutely enjoy hanging out at the Cafe because of its attractive theme and decor. It is a more welcoming space because the inside has been lovingly designed and maintained. It is one of the best places for good American food. Moreover, both indoor and outdoor seating is cosy. It is a nice hangout place with family and friends.

Frequent Asked Questions of Best Cafes in Chandigarh

Frequent asked questions
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Question 1. Which is the most famous cuisine in New Cafes in Chandigarh?

Answer. The most well-known food among young people in Chandigarh cafés is Punjabi, followed by Chinese and Italian.

Question 2. What are the elements of the New Cafes in Chandigarh?

Answer. The design of the interior, the colours of the walls, the tables and chairs, the lighting, and the music all contribute to the personality of your cafe and influence how customers will feel and behave there. Thus, all these are the requirements of New Cafes in Chandigarh.

Question 3. Do New cafes in Chandigarh offer doorstep delivery?

Answer. Yes, many cafes in Chandigarh offer doorstep delivery. However, they may charge extra for the service. Hence, you can enjoy mouth-watering food with your loved one’s at your homes.

Question 4. What is a good quality cafe?

Answer. 1. Good Service to customers, 2. Pay attention to how a company responds to requests or complaints from customers, 3. Cleanliness- Every time you’re eating or drinking, the area should be clean. 4. Atmosphere, 5. High-quality products 6. Accessibility and Convenience.

Question 5. Which are the best cafes in Chandigarh for a date?

Answer. If you’re looking for a quaint romantic hideaway then you can visit Virgin Courtyard, Brooklyn Central, Café JC’s, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and Casa Bella Vista.

Question 6. Do the best cafes in Chandigarh only serve coffee?

Answer. In Chandigarh, cafeterias do provide coffee. However, it is not their main purpose. Thus, In a cafeteria, you may purchase sandwiches, pizzas, and other culinary products.

Question 7. Which are the famous cafes in Chandigarh?

Answer. The famous cafes of Chandigarh include OvenFresh, Tim Hortons, Indian Coffee House, BackPackers, Cafe JC’s, Books and Brew and Brooklyn Central.

Question 8. Why are cafes so relaxing?

Answer. Coffee shops typically provide a warm, soothing ambience that promotes conversation, there is dim lighting, soothing music, and a welcoming vibe. It’s also fun to study in a place that serves scrumptious food and coffee, some locations even have books and board games.

Question 9. Which are the best rooftop cafes in Chandigarh?

Answer. Puzzles, The Escape, Tulum, The Sky Mansion and Benares are some of the top choices of the best cafes in Chandigarh for couples if you’re seeking a rooftop cafe in Chandigarh.

Question 10. Which sector has the best cafe in Chandigarh?

Answer. Backpacker’s Café – Sector 9 D. Café JC’s – Sector-10D. F Café Chandigarh – Madhya Marg, Sector 26. The Willow Café Chandigarh – Sector 10-D. Café Nomad Chandigarh – Sector 7-C. Brooklyn Central – Elante Mall, 178-178A.


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