Buy Property in Chandigarh – Where, How and Why?

Chandigarh is one of the “Richest cities” of India. It is one of the nine UTs of our Country. It is also a joint capital of two states . Since the last few years, Chandigarh is growing at fast rate. Many projects and nearby towns have been set up, with newly Chandigarh bird park . Growing population and economy are main reasons to extend a city. So, It is a Beneficial for investors to buy a Property in Chandigarh . There are many places where people can buy land for their use. Moreover, many homes in Chandigarh for sale are available, but following locations are very useful.

Buy Property in Chandigarh - Where, How and Why?
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New Chandigarh

*New Chandigarh is planned as an extension of Chandigarh, near Mullanpur in Mohali district of Punjab. Since it’s digital land survey , it is developing at good rate.


For now, It is divided into 1 to 21 sectors. Due to its rising economy, it is becoming a first choice of investors. However, Commercial and Residential investments are more beneficial as they provide apartment for sale in Chandigarh. Industrial investments are slightly less beneficial as due to area’s nature friendly policies. Apart from this, Tourism to siswan dam and forest is also growing at good rate. Building of educational institutes is going fast, too. All these are other reasons to buy a property in new Chandigarh. This place is perfect to buy house in Chandigarh.

  • Ecocity – I and I

Spread over 806 acres, Ecocity is an area of comfort. Divided into two Phases, Ecocity is becoming first choice in buying a property.

  • DLF Hyde Park

Spread across 94 Hectares, DLF Hyde Park is neighbor to ecocity – I. Luxury residential area and modern commercial property are valid reasons to invest your money in Park.

  • Omaxe

Omaxe is a top company in New Chandigarh. It Promises for high quality properties. Most Importantly, they are Providing flats for sale in Chandigarh. Also, It is first one to start a project in New Chandigarh.

Buy Property in Chandigarh - Where, How and Why?
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  • Medi-City

Situated near a front of ecocity -I, Medi-city is going to be educational and health center. Some Projects are completed and some aren’t. But, yet investing in Medi-city will be beneficial as it is going to be a big.

Also, there are many other projects , in New Chandigarh which can also be good to buy a land as they give flats for sale in Chandigarh.

Industrial Area Phase-I and II ( buy Property in Chandigarh at fine rate )

Industrial Area is a perfect place to buy a land. It is located near to mall which is very famous. There are also many banks and shops, nearby. As a result, It’s good area to buy a land. There are two phases in Industrial Area-.

Industrial Area Phase-I

50% land is on sale in Industrial Area Phase- I. 2 BHK flat in Chandigarh price is in a range of Rs.60 lakh to 80 lakh. 2 BHK and 6 BHK are the most common in an area.

  • Industrial Area Phase-II

A Large, factory is also located in Phase-II. It is successfully running a furniture’s business therefore providing jobs in an area. Area also offers Chandigarh 3 BHK flat price around 80 lakhs. These all can be a good reasons to buy a land in an area.

Airport Road

Chandigarh Airport- serving the Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. In 2017, the runway was repaired and was completed on 9th august, 2019.

  • Aero-City Aero-City, is set up around wide road towards Chandigarh Airport . It offers mainly all kinds of property. However, Aero-City is growing in every sector but in commercial and industrial sector, it is amazing. So, Growing Population and Presence of MNCs are some of the best reasons to buy a land in Aero-City. Aero-City is on a way to become a welfare town in future. 
Buy Property in Chandigarh - Where, How and Why?
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Zirakpur (buy property )

A nearby town to Chandigarh, Zirakpur is located in Punjab. Since it is a gateway from Delhi to Chandigarh, it is developing fast. Rapid Growth is a reason why you should buy a land in it.

  • Oxford Street One of the most beautiful project, street, is royal and rich. It is growing rapidly.
  • Chandigarh Citi Centre Regarded as a biggest fashion and Entertainment Centre of the town, As a Result, Chandigarh Citi Centre is top Project in market of an Area.
  • Sushma Infinium It is first environmental-friendly Project in Chandigarh and its area. It also Provides good Open Air Spaces at low price.
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Sector-17 and Sector 34

Both sectors are big in terms of economy in Chandigarh . Surrounded by many shops, Institutions, Cinema, Bus station, and Movie production houses, has made Chandigarh flat price high. But Moreover, investing in these areas will be beneficial for Investors.

  • Sector-17 It is a best market in Chandigarh. Also, an entertainment hub, famous for many restaurants and fashion houses. Much Property is on sale, right Now.
  • Sector-34 Sector-34 is a one of the famous sectors of Chandigarh. Almost all Basic services like school, banks, Cinema, Hospital and market is available here.

At the end ,Property Prices in Chandigarh are medium to high. But, all these Areas are perfect to buy a land and moreover will give you good profit. Chandigarh is going to be city as a force to be reckon with, and by investing in this force, you will be in benefit, for sure.


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