Restaurants in Chandigarh 2022 for best food

Chandigarh is famous for its flea markets, cleanliness, and luxurious lifestyle. With all these things it is also famous for different types of food. In recent times, it has become a center of attraction for many people. Firstly, It has been a spot of various types of restaurant that provides delicious food like Indian, Italian, Korean, etc. Secondly, people who love to travel hill stations love to visit Chandigarh’s restaurants to get the best food. You just have to type restaurants in Chandigarh if you live here and like even the street food in Chandigarh and you will get many results. You can choose restaurants of your type and the one that fits your budget. Below is the list of some famous restaurants in Chandigarh that provides best quality food.

Best restaurants in Chandigarh 2022, reviews, fast food, affordable price of dishes
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Best Thai restaurants in Chandigarh 2022

Virgin Courtyard

People interested to have a relaxed and chilled evening; Virgin courtyard is the best restaurants and luxurious for that. It has an excellent décor which makes the restaurant looks great. It is even good if you are going out for dinner with your family. Virgin Courtyard is an outdoor sitting restaurant and you can enjoy the beautiful evening with your partner or family there. It is particularly famous for Italian cuisine. Virgin Courtyard is the best and famous restaurants in Chandigarh. Moreover, it serves fines wines along with food. You will not regret going there for sure. You can visit Virgin Courtyard from eleven thirty in the morning to eleven thirty in the evening. The food that you must try there is Ravoili and Spaghetti.

Picture of Restaurant Virgin Courtyard, fast food restaurant
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Garlic and Greens

Sometimes people do not like to visit the restaurants which serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food at the same time. For them, Garlic and Green is the best place. You will get to see many new dishes there and Cheese Pasta is one of their specialties. Many new Italian and Continental food are available there to enjoy. The interior there is something you will enjoy while having your lunch. Without alcohol, the meal for two people will cost around thousand rupees along with that People living near Elante mall will just have to type restaurant near me and you will get its location.

Garlic and greens, serves both veg and non veg
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Cafe JC’s

Cafe JC is one of the best and most favorite restaurants of the people here. The reason is that it presents the delicious Chinese food. It is considered to be the most famous restaurants in Chandigarh. Cafe JC has the most graceful and stylish interiors that everybody wants to come again. It has both indoor and outdoor sitting which is a point of attraction among the people. You will definitely want to visit there again because of its dining experience. The famous food here is Lamb burger and Chinese food. You will all love to come back again because of these two cuisines. North Indian, continental, Chinese and American cuisines are available in Cafe JC. This cafe is situated near coal depot sector 10D in Chandigarh, however, you will have to pay only twelve hundred rupees for a meal of two people here.

best restaurants in Chandigarh 2022, delicious Chinese food at affordable price
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Best Chinese restaurants in Chandigarh 2022

Cafe Jade

Chinese food is famous among Indian people and they love to have it in restaurants. If you are searching for the best Indian restaurant near me to have the best Chinese food then you are on the right place. Café jade is one of the best restaurants to get Chinese food. It is not at all expensive and will fit to your budget appropriately. If you are craving for Chinese food then Cafe Jade is the best to get satisfied. You will also get the option of takeaway if you are not interested in sitting there. It offers the best quality food in affordable prices moreover the Cuisine available there is Chinese and Thai. The Cafe Jade is situated in Sector 38 in Chandigarh.

picture of Cafe Jade fit budget. Chinese food
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Swagath Restaurant

The main focus of Swagath restaurant is the South Indian food. It serves the best south Indian and seafood in Chandigarh. It is not only famous for its food but also for its best ambience and staff. Swagath restaurant is one of the best south Indian restaurants near me. The food you must try there is prawns Koliwada and Surmai butter pepper garlic. They are the most delicious and tasty dishes there. The food they offer are Chinese, Mughlai, Chettinad and mangalorean. North Indian cuisines are not only the best one but it is also available along with South Indian. The restaurant is situated in sector 26 in Chandigarh. They also provide delicious biryani so if you are searching for the best biryani near me, give it a shot.

best restaurants in Chandigarh, serves Indian and seafood,
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Ghazal Restaurants in Chandigarh 2022

Ghazal restaurant is one of the most preferred restaurants by the people of sector 17 there. Sector 17 is the most popular area in Chandigarh that is why it has gained more popularity and It is famous for the best cuisine in the area. Firstly, the Punjabi food is the most famous food in Ghazal restaurant. Secondly, the staff present there are extremely polite with their customers. The interior and décor is the center of attraction for many customers. It is Chandigarh best restaurant. Malai Kofta and butter Chicken are the best among all the dishes present there. For the finest dining experience, it is the best restaurant. Moreover, If you are finding the good restaurants near me on Google, you will find it on the top.

Ghazal restaurant, attractive, sector 17, best cuisine
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If you want to have the best Chinese food in Chandigarh, Shangrila serves the best Chinese food that too in pocket friendly prices. Moreover, the dishes served in Shangrila are prepared by the best artists of the town. No difficulty would be there if you are coming along with your family in this restaurant. The must try dishes there are chill garlic noodles and chilli chicken. Shangrila is located near Maya Hotel in Sector 35B. Shangrila provides the good quality food if you are in search for the best food near me.

best restaurants in Chandigarh 2022, best Chinese food, pocket friendly prices
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Whistling Duck

It is very fun place to get hang out with your family and friends. Whistling Duck’s tables are made up of wood. The low hanging lights are the most beautiful thing there. The sitting arrangements are also excellent and comfortable. Indoor as well as outdoor sittings are available in Whistling Duck. In conclusion, you will get to see the good outside view if you have chosen to sit outside. For the best restaurants near me, Whistling Duck is the best option for them.

best restaurants in Chandigarh 2022, best decoration and presentation, comfortable
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