Diwali shopping in Chandigarh, Diwali gift ideas

Diwali is here or should I say the whole festive season is here. That means the shopping season is here. This time I am also doing full-fledged diwali shopping in Chandigarh. I mean why not Chandigarh has a plethora of renowned markets, like sector 17 market, sector 22 Shastri market, Patel market, Janta market at 3b1 Mohali, Krishna market 41d chd and Palika Bazar at sec19 Chandigarh. Additionally, Chandigarh hosts many festive carnivals, Diwali melas and “Hoonar haats” in various sectors. Also, Chandigarh has the best street food, that you can most definitely munch on while doing your diwali shopping in Chandigarh, you know like little refreshments here and there. Talking about Diwali, I am sure each one of us has special childhood memories of Diwali and diwali ki shopping. But, before directly jumping into Diwali shopping in Chandigarh part.

Let’s talk about festivals in India a little. Every festival has a story. Durga puja is a celebration of the killing of the “Mahisasur demon by” Durga maa. In fact, today when we talk about women empowerment in India, this particular event “Durga puja” is often seen as a women’s power or “NARI SHAKTI”. Likewise, Deshhera is a celebration of “Burai par achai ki jeet”. Then comes Diwali, an extended celebration of “Burai par achai ki jeet”.  And is also a celebration of the return of LORD RAM,  MATA SITA and  LORD LAXMAN to their homeland after 14 years.

diwali shopping in chandigarh
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Why shopping for Diwali is important

The question is why shopping on Diwali is so important. India certainly celebrates so many festivals every, with no such type of shopping involved in any festival. so why Diwali only? What is so special about the festival of diwali and diwali shopping? what I have discussed earlier, is that to celebrate the return of Lord Ram to his home and to welcome them people decorate their homes with lights, lanterns, and rangoli wear new clothes, and eat sweets, exchange gifts. That is where the whole diwali shopping comes into the picture. Also, because of extended festivals that come immediately after diwali that is “Bhai doj “People collectively do the shopping for all the festivals together with diwali shopping. I remember seeing my mom making a diwali shopping list and planning schedules for shopping.

I also remember how my mom used to give some time for my family members to think and give their suggestions on the diwali shopping list. sometimes my family used to have formal meetings to discuss important things to do. But unlike, every year this year am doing diwali shopping with you guys … you guys are coming with me for diwali shopping in Chandigarh, the city of beautiful India. virtually of course. Also, we all know that you can’t finish whole diwali shopping in one day. You need three or four days and a round of the market to finish diwali shopping.

why doing shopping on diwali is important
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diwali shopping in Chandigarh: why people do shopping on diwali

The toughest question and task of diwali shopping

The major agenda of my so-called formal family meeting is not merely a suggestion on the Diwali shopping list but to address the elephant in the room.  that is …. Any guess?  Of course.. diwali gifts … what to give as a diwali gift to whom. This used to be a difficult question to answer and the hardest task every year to find a unique nice, and very important non-repetitive diwali gift for family and friends. Honestly growing up I never really understood why giving a unique diwali gift every year is so important. That my family has to think about this every year during diwali time. But adult me understand, why my parents used to put so much effort while deciding on diwali gifts.

Diwali season is: the season of  traditional attire

you all know the drill, the festive season in India means it is time to dress up in your finest traditional attire. Which obviously means shopping for some brand new traditional clothes to rock this diwali. Eventually, I started my diwali shopping in Chandigarh with clothes shopping. My, first stop was Shastri Market Sec 22 for traditional attire shopping. I had to buy an outfit for diwali night and one for “bai dhooj”. so started to look for festive season dresses, looked at the market a little and finally found the dress I wanted to buy. Then the hunt continues for another look. I found the clothes,  that  I was looking for this festive season.

Then I started to look for matching accessories and footwear. My shopping for a traditional dress for this Diwali was done. It was time for a little refreshment so headed towards the exit of Shastri market to look for something to eat and drink. I had my food its time to return to shopping again.

clothes shopping for diwali in chandigarh
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diwali shopping in Chandigarh: traditional attire shopping in Chandigarh

Diwali shopping in Chandigarh: Home décor

You know that Diwali is synonymous with the beautification of homes. The house should look new, fresh and vibrant and most importantly diwali ready. Chandigarh has an abundance of market, like Sector 22 Shastri market, SE19 palika bazaar, and local diwali melas and carnivals that has beautiful home decor items. From stunning Rangoli designs to elegant Diyas and lanterns. Obviously, I had to buy Diyas and rangoli, Lantern for home, I was still in the Shastri market, so started to look for diya and rangoli. There are actually so many shops that sell fancy well-decorated diya, lantern but I want to buy them from potter people or street vendors directly.

By doing this I want to help them to get the actual price of diya and also it is my way to not only say “Happy diwali”  but actually make their Diwali happy by earning profit. so I found one and bought Diya’s beautifully decorated lantern. I actually loved the lantern pattern and design so much that I bought 5 of them from the same vendor.

home decore shopping in chandigarh
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diwali shopping in Chandigarh: home decore shopping in Chandigarh

Diwali gift shopping in Chandigarh

After finishing my shopping for home décor now it’s time for shopping for a Diwali gift. Some people even use Google ” to get some diwali gift ideas. My answer to those people would be if happen to know your family too well, you are spending time with them you will automatically know what is it that your family members need as a gift. My tip for choosing a gift is to know your family members what is it that they have always wanted, what is it they need, can use, and what is it that can make their present life easy. Then if you have money then buy that thing. Gift it to your family members, they will use it and always remember that it was a gift from your side.

Back to gifts, my sister wanted to have a wooden carved temple from the furniture market. Bought that temple for here a brand new smartphone for mom, and a new stylist frame for my father’s eyeglasses. My brother bought a traditional kurta and Nehru jacket to wear this festive season.

diwali gift  idea and shopping
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diwali shopping in Chandigarh: Diwali gift shopping in Chandigarh

Diwali memories: “Diwali safai “

I don’t talk about my childhood memories with you guys. Before I take to guys to our next destination which is obviously “methai ki shopping” for Diwali. let’s just briefly talk about my childhood, I have three special memories of Diwali. First is obviously “Diwali ki shopping” and “Diwali ki safai”. we were literally forced by our parents to help. Actually, it is not literal force. At first, I used to be excited about it that we were doing something new but then I got to know we have to do this for a couple of weeks. And the whole house will be upside down and messy temporarily before it looks good. That being said my second childhood memory of Diwali festive would be that Hindi essay on Diwali in the school that goes like “diwali ek diyo ka tohar hai”.

My adult memory of Diwali would be every year when the festive season approached my mother would call me and ask me what is your diwali plan this year. What does she mean by this question is when I will be visiting home for diwali? And every year these questions serve as a cue to me that it’s time for Diwali shopping in Chandigarh.

diwali ki safai , diwali childhood memory
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Diwali shopping in Chandigarh: diwali ki safai

Diwali shopping in Chandigarh: Sweets order

I think everyone knows that  No Indian festival is complete without indulging in delectable sweets and snacks. We do not buy sweets this early for Diwali but we give advance orders to local Mithai shop keeper. It is a  bakery actually called Guru Nanak sweets. And you all know the drill …  that is variety of sweets are needed. No one will eat “son papdi” and “dry petha”  again and again. So we had to be innovative with sweets, we gave orders of 4 different types of sweets and they gave us time when we can collect our order.

sweets shopping for festival season
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diwali shopping in Chandigarh: Diwali sweets shopping in Chandigarh


Diwali shopping in Chandigarh was a  delightful experience. It became memorable because I had to recall everything again to share with you guys. Earlier in this blog, I was talking about diwali ki safai in my childhood. But, in Adulthood, I was never able to join my family for diwali safai anymore as I was staying in the city, but I did make it to the end phase of it which is decoration with lights, and hanging lanterns. Further, talking about the diwali shopping experience, some people prefer online shopping for Diwali due to mega offers and festive season sales.  But I have always preferred offline shopping, especially for festivals.

For diwali shopping, it is not mere shopping. But, you get to see the whole community in the market. Markets are usually decorated in vibrant colours. Markets look lively, and full of celebration. You can also see genuine happiness and joy on people’s faces. Overall it gives you a glimpse of life. Online shopping for Diwali does not give this experience and feeling of festivals and Diwali. Street food, festive carnivals, and diwali melas make offline diwali shopping in Chandigarh memorable at least for me. And finally … Happy Diwali! to everyone.


Q1 . When is Diwali celebrated?

Ans. Diwali takes place every year in the month of October or November. Festivals of Diwali come after 20 days from the Dheshera celebration.

Q2.Why is Diwali celebrated?

Ans. Festival of Diwali is a celebration of most religions is the victory of goodness over evil. Additionally’ Diwali’ or ‘Deepavali’ means ‘row of lights ‘ or ‘ Diya.  India, the day of diwali commemorates the return of Lord Ram, his wife Sita and his brother Lakshman to Ayodhya after having lived in exile for 14 years. 

Q3.Are there festivals celebrated around the time of Diwali?

Ans. Actually, the festivities of Diwali go on for 5 to 6 days. The festivities begin with Dhanteras, also known as ‘Dhanvantari Triodasi’. After this, comes ‘Choti Diwali’. The main festival which is Diwali, people light diyas and candles all around their homes, set off fireworks, exchange sweets and gifts and of course, perform Lakshmi Pooja together. The final day is known as ‘Bhai Duj’ or ‘Bhaiya Duj’ and is mainly devoted to celebrating sisters.

Q 4 What are some creative Diwali gifting ideas for parents? 

Ans. If you know your parent enough then you know what to give them. Observe their need, and give them a gift that they can use, or a gift that can make their life a little easier.

Q 5. Why do people make rangolis on Diwali? 

Ans. The Festival of Diwali is incomplete without the creative and colourful Rangoli. It is part of home decoration to make the house ready to welcome the deity, Lakshmi.

Q 6. Do different states make different types of Rangoli on Diwali?

 Ans . Different states have different types of rangolis styles, which include, colour combinations, pattern use etc. For example, in Bihar, there is a certain type of Rangoli where the footsteps of the Goddess Lakshmi are drawn on the doorstep. In Andhra Pradesh, one of the most popular Rangoli patterns is a geometrical pattern of an 8-petal lotus, referred to as ‘ashtadal kamal’.
In Tamil Nadu, people draw ‘hridaya kalam’, an 8-pointed star, in place of the 8 petal lotus. It means’ lotus of the heart’. 

 Q 7. What are some traditions associated with Diwali?

Ans. On the day of Diwali, people offer their prayers to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. They also pray to the deity Ganesha, who removes obstacles. People clean their houses and decorate with lights and rangoli to perform Laxmi pooja.

Q 8. What are some shopping places to do Diwali shopping in Chandigarh?

Ans. Chandigarh has a plethora of renowned markets like Sector 17 market, sector 22 Shastri Market, Patel Market, Janta Market at 3b1 Mohali, Krishna Market 41d chd and Palika Bazar at sec19 Chandigarh to do Diwali shopping in Chandigarh. Additionally, Chandigarh hosts many festive carnivals, Diwali melas and


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