Top 15 Best Content Writing Tools for 2023

best tools for content writing 2023
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A great writing tool definitely helps in making the content easy & enhances the quality of content, helping the audience to understand your content in a very easy way. Therefore, with the help of the best Content Writing tools, you can create good content for your readers. Hence, there are various free software for writers and paid tools for Content writing projects. However, to enhance your content various types of tools are used to make the content better, plagiarism free, grammatical free and more.

The three primary types of tools that writers find beneficial are as follows:

  • Tools for editing and word processing.
  • Productivity and organisation tools.
  • Office and workplace tools.

These tools enhance the quality of your content and assist you in making better, increasingly predictable content. Thus, these top content writing tools support your SEO efforts to improve your organic search ranking.

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The List of the top best Content Writing tools is a must-read for making your content better engaging:

With the use of these online writing tools, written content can be improved in quality and made SEO-friendly. Therefore, In Content writing, you get familiar with these tools. So you need to go through these tools which are part of AI Content Writing tools & techniques.

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo best ai copywriting tools
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Buzz sumo, best tools for content writing

Buzzsumo: BuzzSumo makes it simple to assess the content strategy of rival websites, come up with content ideas, and discover influencers. However, Influencers will broaden your audience and improve the domain authority of your content. Therefore, finding new content ideas, and information on how the material is doing in search results and on social media are all made possible with the help of Buzzsumo’s excellent research and search content writing tools.

Pros of best content writing tools:

  • The goal of BuzzSumo is to give you an idea of what your audience is reading, sharing, or commenting on the most.
  • The purpose behind Buzzsumo was to give us marketing insights so we can use this information for our own client’s benefit.
  • Buzzsumo ranks the highest shared items across all kinds of content (images, lists/tables, articles & blog posts). 

Cons of best content writing tools:

  • It’s pretty expensive compared to alternatives.
  • It has automated reports.


  • Paid plans start at $119/ month.

2. Market Muse

MarketMuse best app for content writing
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MarketMuse: It is a digital publishing application that helps professionals, experts, and enterprises optimise their website content and climb the search engine results pages (SERP).


  • Marketing Muse is a content Intelligence tool that enables marketing teams to research ideal keywords & topics.
  • Thus, this helps publishers, marketing firms, content marketers, social media content writers, content creators, and e-commerce businesses optimise the value of their online content.
  • Moreover, Businesses can quickly create a high-impact content strategy with MarketMuse, do away with guesswork, prioritise the proper material, and make content an investment.


  • A user interface can be made more friendly.
  • Can be pricey for small businesses.


  • Market Muse offers a free plan to start with & paid plan starts from $600/ month.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly best content writing ai tool
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Grammarly ensures your writing is mistake-free and holds accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar. There are also additional features provided by this tool which also provide suggestions for tone, citations, plagiarism, sentence structure and more.

Hence, the paid edition of this editing tool lets you check your work for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and even plagiarism. Thus, Bloggers, Students, Authors and Content writers can easily use it for their work.

Pros of best content writing tools:

  • It provides immediate grammar checks & helps in the best content writing platforms to detect grammatical errors.
  • The suggestions and justifications are clear.
  • Hence, you can customize reports.
  • One of the easiest tools for text editing.

Cons of best content writing tools:

  • It is only available on Google Docs.
  • You will not get many features in the free version.


  • It is one of the best tools for writers, students, and authors who want to improve their writing mistakes & make quality content.


  • Grammarly Premium- $12 per month onwards.

4. Frase

Frase, content writing tool to improve writing
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Frase tool:

Another AI content writer tool that provides assistance with SEO is Frase. Both new content and previously existing content can be optimised using it.

Based on articles that are similar to yours, Frase assists you in creating an outline for your material. Moreover, Frase is used to researching competing content and optimising new and existing content. It is also used to create briefs.


  • If you merely want to create a few blog entries per month, Frase is a cost-effective choice.
  • For an additional $35 per month, you may add the Pro add-on to your account to enjoy additional services including limitless use of the article writer tool.
  • Instead of using its own internal AI model, Frase now employs the OpenAI model (GPT-3), which generates higher-quality material.


  • The cons of using the Frase tool are that you need to purchase the SEO add-on features separately if you want to use it.


  • $44.99 monthly for an individual plan.
  • $114.99 monthly for the team plan.


  • This Frase tool is very beneficial for searching for something and composing a great article for the audience.

5. Jasper

The ideal AI tool for long-form material is Jasper. The AI creates SEO-friendly material, and the data is rather accurate.

Pros of best content writing tools:

  • Easy to use & Great for speeding up Content Writing.
  • Jasper In order to create convincing writing for blog articles, advertisements, social media postings, marketing emails, and other types of content, Jasper AI uses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Cons of best content writing tools:

  • It can make mistakes too.
  • Sometimes gives irrelevant content suggestions.


  • The plan starts from $29/ month.
Jasper, Trello- Top Content Writing Tool
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6. Trello

Firstly, using Trello, your team can manage any kind of project, workflow, or task tracking. Thus, Increase documentation, checklists, or even automation: Make everything unique to the way your team functions best.


  • Trello is a project management tool that divides your work into boards.
  • Trello allows you to quickly see what is being worked on, who is working on it, and where it is in the process. However, consider a whiteboard covered with sticky notes with lists of tasks written on each one for you and your team.


  • It misses some robust agile features.
  • Difficult to handle big projects.
  • It cannot create shared long-term plans.


  • Standard- $5/month
  • Premium- $10/month
  • Enterprise- $17.50/month.

7. Answer The Public- Best content writing tools

Answer the content writing tool
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Generally, It is a tool for gathering information and suggestions for new material based on what people are searching for online is AnswerThePublic. Thus, It generates a list of inquiries people are making about a specific subject.

Pros of best content writing tools:

  • A useful resource for content marketers, the best article writer tool, SEOs, and anyone else trying to produce content that is useful and interesting to their audience is AnswerThe Public.
  • Moreover, you can more truly understand the demands and preferences of your clients thanks to the feature-rich tool.
  • Hence, with the help of this data, you can develop content that speaks to the requirements of your audience or even come up with fresh concepts for goods or services.

Cons of best content writing tools:

  • There is no content improvement suggestion in this tool.
  • It’s not an extensive content tool.


  • Individual- $9 per month.
  • Pro- $99 per month.
  • Expert- $199 per month.


  • This is a valuable tool for SEO, Content marketers, and everyone can take benefit of this tool for creating quality content for their audience.

8. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that enhances how well Google and other search engines rank your website. Also, it provides you with the means to improve the readability and SEO of your material.

Pros of best content writing tools:

  • Concentrates on boosting page ranking.
  • Verifies readability.
  • Optimizes keywords.
  • Oversees technological setup for enhanced SEO.
  • Suggestions for developing internal links.
  • Insight into quality content.

Cons of best content writing tools:

  • However, It is valid only for WordPress websites.


  • Yoast SEO Premium- $ 99 + VAT ( for one site)


  • Thus, It is very useful for WordPress website users.

9. Surfer SEO- Best content writing tools

An on-page optimisation tool called Surfer SEO, which is cloud-based evaluates and contrasts your website with the top-ranking sites at the moment. This programme conducts a data-driven analysis that identifies exactly what your website is lacking in order to rank higher on Google, as opposed to assuming what Google prefers to rank.


  • Firstly, It’s an excellent tool for providing you with useful information about how to improve your content based on top-ranking rivals for your desired keywords.
  • To make creating and publishing blog entries simpler for you, the Surfer SEO content writing software also interacts with Google Documents and WordPress.


  • Sometimes a lot of keyword research is either irrelevant/ or common words & issues like connection loss occur in it sometimes.
  • Moreover, if you do not use them an exact number of times the Surfer SEO tool specifies, it lowers your score.


  • $59 / month.


  • It is an easy SEO Writing tool to produce the required results for specific tasks.

10. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator- Best content writing tools

Hubspot best content writing tool
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You can immediately get a week’s worth of useful blog post title suggestions from HubSpot’s blog topic generator. Therefore, use interesting, original titles in all of your writing to draw readers to your content. Thus, If you require more, generating a year’s worth of random topics in a single second will up your topic game.

Hence, the CMS Hub of HubSpot allows you to create website pages with reminders to help you optimise each page for search, and its Marketing Hub has an integrated SEO tool.


  • Hence, provides a long list of suggestions for the nouns you enter.
  • Thus, a free blog idea generator.


  • Thus, the cons of this tool are it does not offer a readability score like other content writing tools.
  • Moreover, you have to upgrade to the premium version to get the benefits of this tool.


  • This feature is available for free, with additional functionality in premium editions of CMS Hub and Marketing Hub.


  • It allows you to generate blog post ideas for all types of content writing projects.

11. Hemingway Editor

Generally, Hemmingway Editor is an editing tool that will assist you in remaining competitive as a professional writer.
Thus, the programme is capable of everything, including spotting frequent writing problems and optimising your SEO content creation.
To immediately incorporate the ideas into the work, you can switch between the writing and editing modes.


  • Firstly, free content creation tool with excellent editing tools.
  • Moreover, Identifies grammar faults, from basic to complex.
  • Therefore, improves the efficiency of your content authoring style.
  • Hence, designed to evaluate the reading difficulty of your blog post.


  • Hence, You cannot use it for anything outside of simplifying your writing and making it more candid.


  • It is Free.


  • Thus, You can spot complicated words and sentences as well.
  • Hence, Hemingway conveniently updates the grade score. However, It is designed in respect of a broader audience to maximize readability.

12. SEO Power Suite

With the aid of SEO PowerSuite, businesses of all kinds can conduct keyword research, watch rankings, examine backlinks, and more on a single platform.

Pros of best content writing tools:

  • Supervisors can learn more about issues affecting SEO ranks, such as broken links, duplicate content, slow mobile usability, and site speed, thanks to SEO PowerSuite.
  • Thus, SEO Powersuite is the cheapest tool in the market, an in-one SEO toolkit.
  • Moreover, It has multiple capabilities- Keyword tracking, Keyword research etc.

Cons of best content writing tools:

  • However, the price is quite high.
  • Sometimes software is very slow & uses way too many resources to operate a computer while crawling a large website.
  • Thus, the cloud is very limited & not suitable for an agency.


SEO Powersuite is available for Free & SEO PowerSuite Pro is $8.89/month and $299/ year.

13. Copyscape

Copyscape, best free content writing tools
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The best tool available online for identifying internet plagiarism is called Copyscape. Using Copyscape, you can quickly find both sites that are quoting your website and those that have copied it without your consent.


  • The most well-known and reliable software for checking for plagiarism in the SEO sector is called Copyscape.
  • Therefore, Software with high degrees of online filtration against potential internet copies is simple to manage.
  • Hence, this software’s best feature is its ability to easily integrate API requests.


  • Firstly, Customer service is unresponsive and Copyscape does not have a spell check.
  • However, it lacks mobile options.
  • Thus, there are no free sign-ups.


  • Standard- $4.95/ month.

14. Page Optimizer Pro

PageOptimizer Pro (POP) is an on-page SEO solution that makes it simple for web marketers to create pages that are completely optimised for Google It is the best ai content generator.


  • Likewise, you can generate reports for yourself using Page Optimizer Pro’s unique algorithm.
  • In those reports, you may see the precise keyword recommendations, such as how often and where to apply a particular phrase.
  • Page Optimizer Pro is chosen as the finest on-page optimisation tool.
  • PageOptimizer Pro is targeted towards content creators who place a higher priority on technical SEO than other factors and demand the most proper SEO solution available.


  • Moreover, UI is a bit tiresome it does not offer any link-building suggestions.
  • Thus, It comes with minimal features.


  • The plan starts from $27 / month.

15. Semrush

Semrush is an SEO tool that performs your keyword research, monitors the keyword approach your competitors employ, audits your blog’s SEO, looks for backlinking chances, and does a lot more. Moreover, it is trusted by online marketers everywhere. Numerous companies, both large and small, employ it as well.

Pros of best content writing tools:

  • This technology is used by well-known businesses including Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Forbes, IBM, and others.
  • Thus, It offers a stunning level of SEO knowledge that can enhance your keyword research & also SEO content editor helps in content optimisation.
  • It can also monitor your online performance in real-time for particular keywords and examine long-term trends.
  • You may also verify your writing for plagiarism, get instant advice on relevant keywords to use, and learn how to make your photos, tags, and links more effective.

Cons of best content writing tools:

  • Semrush only provides data for one search engine.
  • Moreover, competitor research & online marketing add-ons are quite expensive.
  • Hence, It’s hard to use the tool on mobile devices, no mobile apps are available for it.


  • Paid plans start from $119.95/ month.

Frequent-Asked Questions of Best Content Writing Tools 2023:

Frequent asked questions
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Question1. Which are the best content writing tools?

Answer. The 5 best important tools in writing are- 1. MS Word 2. Grammarly 3. Hemingway Editor 4. Evernote 5. Google Docs. These tools are used for content writing tools for SEO. Thus, for better results, they are very essential in the content creation and editing process.

Question2. What software do content writers use as the best content writing tools?

Answers. Generally, depending on their marketing requirements, content writers use several kinds of technologies. Therefore, this might be a tool that serves multiple purposes, like Copysmith, or just one, like Grammarly. Thus, these are the best ai content writing tools & also any writer’s favourite tool is the one that achieves the best-desired results.

Question3. Why do you need the best content-writing tools?

Answer. To write compelling and original content, you need the right tools. Therefore, among their advantages are: 1. Better writing 2. Improved readable quality. 3. New ideas. 4. Organized content. Hence using these free content writing apps enhances the quality of content.

Question4. What are the basic rules of content writing?

Answer. 1. Be simple. 2. Don’t say something in 150 words that can be said in 75. 3. Write concisely. 4. Use keywords. 5. Employ headings. 6. Thus, divide various concepts into separate paragraphs. 7. Make sure your text is easy to skim. Thus, it becomes necessary to follow free content writing tools for SEO for better results in content marketing.

Question5. What are the three elements of content in the best content writing tools?

Answer. Hence, three essential components—brand focus, user experience, and content distribution—are required for a successful content strategy, according to industry experts.

Question6. How can I improve my writing skills?

Answer. Here are some of the best free content writing tools you can use to improve your writing skill: 1. In order to improve your writing you need to practise writing every day. 2. Thus, using tools like Grammarly, and Hemingway editor helps you to improve your content quality and fewer errors in the content. 3. Moreover, using Brainy Quotes in the content- You can include a good quote from a writer, or some other resource that fits your needs. Thus using these are essential content writing tools for beginners in writing services.

Question7. Are all the best content writing tools free of cost?

Answer. No, not every tool for writing content is free. Many offer a free version, but premium features may need additional payment. For simple writing, some tools are free, if you want the premium version to enhance the quality of your content in content writing tools online, then it is not free, moreover, the premium one enhances the quality of your content and provides you with good results.


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