Le Corbusier Centre- Museum in Chandigarh

Being a historical fanatic, I love visiting museums in Chandigarh such as the government museum and art gallery, Chandigarh Architecture Museum, National History Museum, Gandhi Museum, and another famous place, too, like the Open hand Monument, and sukhna lake. But there was one museum, Le Corbusier Centre, which was still, unexplored by me. So, last Friday, I visited there with my friends.

Le Corbusier Centre Chandigarh
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However, many of us are aware of the fact that Chandigarh City was designed by Swiss-French Architect, Le Corbusier. Also known as Charles- Edouard Jeanneret, Le Corbusier is the man behind the Planning and Designing of the Chandigarh. He Started working on the designs in 1951, after the independence of India from Britishers in 1947.

Listen to this article-

History of Le Corbusier’s arrival in India-

Before, telling you, all of my experience.

Let me give you some small information about le Corbusier and his arrival in Chandigarh.

Le Corbusier, born in Switzerland in 1887, was an architect, painter, Urban Planner, and writer and is often regarded as one of the greatest architects of modern history. In 1930, he become a Citizen of France and designed the iconic Villa Savoye. After this, he designed many buildings on the continents of America, Europe, India, and Japan. He was heavily inspired by the fascist ideology architecture which is visible in his works.

Le Corbusier- Architect, who planned Chandigarh City
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After the partition of India and Pakistan, Punjab lost its capital city Lahore to Pakistan. To plan a new capital city for Punjab, PM Jawaharlal Nehru appointed American architects Albert Mayer and Mathew Novicki. They started working in 1949 but the unfortunate death of Novicki in an air accident, wouldn’t be able to make PM’s dream city alive. So Administration approached Le Corbusier to finish the planning of Chandigarh city. He arrived in 1951 and started planning the city by taking help from Novicki’s unfinished designs. During his work, he was staying in a house located at Sector 19 B.


Le Corbusier centre is located in Sector 19B of Chandigarh.

We arrived there at approximately 2 pm, after finishing work at the office.

My Friend, Rohit, was looking so dull as he hates museums and history stuff, so much.

Sri and kajal were also looking uninterested.

Through Google Maps, We reached the location.


From one staff member, we get to know about Le Corbusier Centre Timings, which is given below-

Tuesday10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Wednesday10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Thursday10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Friday10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Sunday10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Ticket Prices-

When we reached there, we all were Predicting, how much the ticket Price. It can be. So, a staff member told us that – there is no ticket price to visit Le Corbusier Centre, unlike Chandigarh Bird Park, where it’s 50Rs.


There was a big house, which was divided into two parts- one was Le Corbusier Centre and the other was Lalit Kala Akademi.

My friends were making a joke that this house looks, very haunted.

Le Corbusier's house
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They were completely uninterested in it.

On the outside of the museum, two staff members were sitting. They insisted us make an entry of ourselves on the registers by providing all details.

Le Corbusier Center- Inside the house

As soon as, we told, one staff member that we are going to write an article on this, he started giving some more information.

He informed us that there is a total of 9 rooms, one verandah, and one corridor.

He guided us to every room.

In the 1st room, there is a reception.

2nd room – there is M.S Randhawa, then chief commissioner, Development documents for Chandigarh City.

3rd room – there is Corbusier’s draft agreement and his letters to administrators including PM Jawaharlal Nehru.

4th room – sketches of high court roof and designs of other iconic buildings.

5th room – a model of open hand monument, Climatic conditions of Chandigarh and its map.

6th room – Design of assembly and road network of Chandigarh are included.

7th room- Layout of the city and Furniture including wooden shelves, wooden chair, and bamboo desk is placed.

In the 8th room, there is a digital library.

In the 9th room, we were expecting something different and as soon as, we opened the door, administrators were eating their lunch.

Inside Le Corbusier's Centre Chandigarh
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Exhibitions are organized in this Verandah, One worker told us.

The whole house was giving vibes that we are shooting for some vintage Bollywood movie.

After visiting Corbusier’s house, it was time for Lalit Kala Akademi.

Souvenir Shop-

We were completely unaware that there is Lalit Kala Akademi in the Le Corbusier’s Center.

We were making our way to Lalit Kala Akademi, on the right side of the house. But before that, there was a Souvenir shop.

As soon as, we entered, there were many big cups and plates, Keyholders, Shirts, books, and sculptures which were inspired by Chandigarh and its architecture.

Many iconic buildings were Sketched, almost on every item.

My friend, Rohit, even bought one cup. He is crazy for cups and has a collection of different cups, so he couldn’t stop himself to buy them.

Lalit Kala Akademi-

My friends were confused about this Lalit Kala Akademi. So I gave them some brief information about it. My cousin’s sister is a painter, so she had discussed this Academy, many times.

Lalit Kala Akademi is government managed agency, established by Maulana Abdul kalam Azad in 1954 to promote visual arts such as drawing, Sketching, Painting, Print making, Sculptures, Ceramics ,and applied art ,the Government funded this agency. Through this, many students and Professionals are given workspace to contribute more In the field of visual arts and to improve their skills to get admission in this, you can visit their official website.

After giving a small Lecture to friends, we stepped forward to witness all pieces.

Unexpectedly, many artists were working there.

So, it was so interesting to watch this doing this all.

Suddenly, our eyes moved on to one amazing painting of a girl. It was so eye- Pleasing. We couldn’t stop ourselves to Click her Picture. Surprisingly, the girl, who painted that, was also present there.

Lalit Kala Akademi Sector 19B
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We all were complimenting her, on this amazing piece of art.

It was so nice of her, that she also introduced us with other machines, equipment and Printing Machines.

However, Rohit was even stating that this place is better than actual Corbusier’s house.

When we walked through its Garden, there were many mirrors and doors were Placed on the surface of white Marble.

Lalit Kala Akademi at Le Corbusier Centre
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That whole area was looking so beautiful. We even clicked some selfies and pictures.

Atelier de Buns- Cafe at le Corbusier Center

On the corner of the garden, there was one Cottage type Structure.

Many workers were working on the interior designing of it. on top of that, some french words were written.

Atlier de Buns- Cafe at Le Corbusier Centre
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It was beautiful but we were confused about its existence.

So, we asked from worker and he told us that this is a french cafe, which is going to open soon.

We all were surprised by listening to this and were making our plans to visit this in the future.

The whole design and aesthetics were heavily inspired by french architecture.

Overall Experience-

After spending some time in an unopened cafe, we came back to the car and it was a good experience.

we laughed, spent some quality time, get a lot of information, and course made some memories.

Even my friends were also appreciating this place and its legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q-1. What is Le Corbusier’s Centre ticket Price?

Ans- There is no ticket price to take entry into Le Corbusier’s Centre.

Q-2. Where is Le Corbusier’s Centre located?

Ans- Le Corbusier’s Centre is located at Sector 19B of Chandigarh.

Q-3. Which architect designed and Planned Chandigarh?

Ans- Le Corbusier, a swiss- french architect, designed Chandigarh City. He Started Working on the project in 1951, by taking inspiration from fascists architecture.

Q-4. What are Le Corbusier’s Centre, Chandigarh Timings?

Ans- Le Corbusier’s Centre is open from 10 am to 5:30 pm on all days except Monday.

Q-5. How many museums are there in Chandigarh?

Ans- There are more 15 museums in the Chandigarh City.

Q-6. Who is Le Corbusier?

Ans- Le Corbusier, born in Switzerland in 1887, was an architect, painter, Urban Planner, and writer and is often regarded as one of the greatest architects of modern history. In 1930, he become a Citizen of France and designed the iconic Villa Savoye. After this, he designed many buildings on the continents of America, Europe, India, and Japan. He was heavily inspired by the fascist ideology architecture which is visible in his works.



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