Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh

Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh- The symbol of Prosperity and Mankind

The Open Hand -What does it signify?

Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh
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Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh

The “Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh” is a symbolic structure that is designed at hand by the French Architect Le Corbusier. He is the One who designed and planned our beautiful city and Open Hand Monument is located in the City complex of India and the Union territory of India which is a figure and symbol of the Government of Chandigarh. symbolizes the “hand to give and hand to take”, peace, prosperity, and unity of mankind. One of the larger and best structures by Le Corbusier stood 26 meters (85 ft) in height. The Ideogram of an open hand monument with wind vanes is 14 meters in height and weighs 50 short tons, that rotated according to the air.

Symbolism- An Idea of Mutual Respect

Open Hands indicates the open to give and open to receive
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Open Hand to Give and Receive

Open Hand Monument is the world’s best creation of Le Corbusier’s frequent themes of Architecture. It implies a hand which means a free and open hand and mind to give and receive. A symbol of the Open Hand Monument is a figure of peace and reconciliation. which is truly remarkable. According to him, Open Hand Monument is an idea of the “Second Machine Age”.

Location– Way to Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh

Map of Open hand Monument in chandigarh
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Map of Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh

The Open Hand emblem has its own impressive and eye-catching presence. The Symbol stands proudly in Sector 1 in the Capitol Complex of Chandigarh on the back of the Himalayan Shivalik hills range. And became the official emblem of Chandigarh. Location map of open hand monument.

Dream of Le corbusier

Le Corbusier with Prime minister Nehru
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Discussion of Project

The whole world is witnessing multiple disasters of world war like the Hiroshima and Nagasaki catastrophe similar to the Jews genocide, and India’s Partition. There are deaths, distress, and bloodshed everywhere. In this scenario, Pandit Jawhar Lal Nehru wanted to resettle the victims of the partition. He wanted a vision that provides hope for a better and imaginary future. Le Corbusier, The Architect of Chandigarh wanted to design a monument that conveys the message of peace, and unity of mankind that implies an open hand to give and take- a neverending openness towards knowledge/ information.

How did the Symbol of Open Hand build?

Firstly, The Architect thought about the monument in 1948. Meanwhile, He discussed his dream project with Pt Jawaharlal Nehru When he visited India in 1951. After that, when Le Corbusier started planning the Openhand monument then it was become a public project instead of a private project. He planned it for the city of Chandigarh Where his associate and cousin Pierre Jeanneret was working as chief architect and town planning advisor to the Government of Punjab and was surprising the construction of the Chandigarh city.

When Pt Nehru heard the idea of the figure, then he thin of using this idea for a non-aligned Movement but the Architect’s dream was still to see the light of the day. First of all, they preferred Chandigarh but that idea was denied. At last, he thinks of an alternate location where he wanted to install it. Moreover, he thought establishing an emblem on the top of the Bhakra Dam was not working and denied too.

In spite of, his personal relationships with higher authorities in the Indian Government. Le faces problems in finding funds for his project. He even approaches his friends in India too. Jane Drew felt that the symbol of Le’s philosophy should be evidence to the people of Chandigarh, the city he planned, designed, and implemented with feelings.

In July, At World Heritage Conference in Instanbul, UNESCO declared the Capitol Complex a World Heritage. 

The Philosophy behind the Symbol/ Little known about it

The Open Hand of Le Corbusier was a symbol of peace, prosperity, and reconciliation. Through this, we have a message about mankind and humanity. It can be seen as an artistic representation of the faith in an idea that indicates that there are always two ways of looking at anything. Which is a very motivational and informative message for humanity. Similarly, the symbol can describe that one must open his hand to provide and release. Architects wanted to build a place where people come together and talk about different issues and problems of society. Since every aspect of life has its two meanings, On the other hand, we can say that two entrances. And some of you who thought that rotating Open Hand was a weathervane, correct yourself now. The meaning of this is too deep. It is a symbol of changes in our lives.

Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh- Proudly Installed

In spite of his efforts, Finally, In 1985 after his death (1965,) the Open Hand Monument was placed in  Sector 1 Chandigarh. It symbolizes the endless changes in our life. similarly, life is not the same as always and it is immobile. It has multiple colors that are enriched with a beautiful shade but sometimes maybe fade. In Conclusion, the flow of life is endless like the wind is flowing in every direction with endless changes.

Features of Symbol

The Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh is looking similar to a Flying bird. On the other hand, it is a wind vane that resembles the weathercock and rotates in the direction of air. the surface of the symbol is covered with polished steel which is looking in the same vein as a giant. Is a great example of the avant-garde art of the period. The giant symbol is looking like a cross between the flying dove and the open hand. It. has become the symbol of the city of Chandigarh. The Open Hand Sculpture was hand-cast in Bhakra Nangal Management Board’s(BBMB) workshop at Nangal (Punjab).

Tourism Importance of the symbol

The symbol has become a tourism spot that has its own significant features. 

Nowadays, entry is free for visitors. A person who is suffering from any social problem is allowed to enter the place for debate, discussion, and contemplation. 

Image Gallery of the place


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