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Radio is basically the theatre of the human mind. In addition,Radio is one of the mass media that connects millions across the globe. It is an important part of the lives of thousands of people. Overall,It is an important source of mass media. Radio is a medium of development. It provides us with recent updates and keeps us up-to-date with what’s happening around us.Also, Radio is a powerful and effective means of communication . In addition, FM Radio stations in chandigarh provides us with real-time information. Radio serves as a means of emergency announcements in the situation of floods, disasters, and earthquakes.Basically, It serves a wide range of programs like sports. It is an audio-based format for transferring information. Thus,Radio is also used as a communication channel. It also holds an important place in our lives.Regardless, of other means of communication Radio is very widely known for.

•   Here is a list of the best radio stations in Chandigarh:

1. Radio Mirchi FM Radio Station in chandigarh:-

Radio Mirchi Channels known as 98.3FM serves best for its premium quality effect . Moreover, the tagline of Radio Mirchi’s show is “Mirchi Sunnewale Always Khush!” (“Mirchi Listeners are Always Happy!”). It is concerned with fun and serious content with different perceptions. The owner of Radio Mirchi chandigarh live is  Entertainment Network India Ltd. Radio Mirchi often maintains weekly record charts of India. Radio Mirchi enchants its listeners .Likewise, It provides dynamic programmes and serves a wide range of content that offers premium quality. Accordingly, Radio Mirchi is an important part of the growth of the city in its cultural sphere.Also, radio mirchi always succeded in nurturing a bond with its listeners by satisfying their interests.

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

From: 2001 | Bitrate: 36 Kbps

Genre: Bollywood, Indian music.

Frequency: 98.3

Language: Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu.

FM Radio station in Chandigarh
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Radio Mirchi – FM Radio Station in chandigarh

2. 92.7 Big FM Radio Station in Chandigarh

Another radio station is 92.7Big FM which is one of the largest and most popular radio station and is prevalent in 58 stations . It reach out to over 34 crore Indians. The tagline of 92.7 Big FM ‘Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho’ (Hindi) ‘Maathi Yosi Life Easy’ (Chennai) shows the philosophy that ‘Changing the world for the better starts with changing one’s ideas and thoughts’. It is one of the most vibrant and best chandigarh fm radio. 92.7Big FM is a thought-provoking radio stations which serves as an innovator of storytelling.Still, 92.7Big FM is one of the most popular radio stations . Hence,92.7 Big Fm proved to be an important source of entertainment .It helped in building a reputation among other fm radio stations in chandigarh.\

From: September 2006 | Bitrate: 128 Kbps

Country: India

City:       Chandigarh

Genre: pop, Bollywood.

Language: Hindi, English.

3. Vividh Bharti Radio FM stations in chandigarh

Indeed, Vividh Bharti is one of the leading radio stations known for its entertainment . Although,it provides its people/ listeners with the best entertainment but also known for its commercial broad services. It is a program of the Mumbai market. The program is very popular. It is known for the famous tagline Hello Farmaish. Vividh Bharti provides the readers with thought-provoking content but also it succeded in capturing readers’ attention. It provides premium quality content to its readers/listeners .Also , it always helps to maintain its uniqueness and relevance. It promotes Indian culture which is the most important feature.Generally,it is regarded as its efficient and effective feature which makes it unique among other Chandigarh fm radios.

 From: 2 October 1957 | Only: 49 Kbps

Country: India

City: Chandigarh

Genre: classic, folk, news.

Language: Hindi, Kannada, English

FM Radio stations in Chandigarh
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92.7 Big FM – FM Radio Stations in chandigarh

4. All India Radio-North Eastern service

It is a premier public service broadcaster and is called Akashwani. It is a history of Indian public broadcaster. The tagline of All India Radio (AIR), the national public radio broadcaster of India, is “Bahujan Hitaya, Bahujan sukhaya”.Consequently, The tagline is in Sanskrit and translates to “For the Welfare of All, for the Happiness of All. Lastly, it is one of the top radio stations in India which includes cultural shows and classical music. Meanwhile,It is one of the famous/popular fm stations in chandigarh.

From: October 1957

Country: India

City: Chandigarh

Genre: talk news, Indian music.

Language: Hindi, English.

My FM Station
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5. Radio Vivek 90.8FM Stations in Chandigarh

Radio Vivek is one of the leading radio stations which is famous for its premium radio quality. It brings out the common man’s daily concerns. It serves the individual with premium content quality and subsequently resulted in free live music streaming for its viewers/listeners. Its genre is community which is not similar to other radio station. Also, it includes languages such as Hindi, English, and most importantly Punjabi. Its frequency is 90.8FM.

It’s in transit from 4-11-2007. Moreover, it’s known for its medium of entertainment. It provides content that is well-suited to the interest of its viewers.Evidently,it serves to be one of the popular fm stations in chandigarh.

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All india radio-FM Radio stations in chandigarh

6. All India FM Radio Station in Chandigarh 101.6FM

It is one of the leading radio stations in the beautiful city of Chandigarh. It serves as a source of entertainment and provides information. The radio station serves to provide the viewer with the best premium blend of music, talk shows, and news information which made it one of the best fm chandigarh live.Moreover, the particular radio station keeps the people /residents aware of what’s happening in their city. It serves in the following languages which are Hindi, English, and Punjabi. Its genre is news, talk shows, and Indian music.

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All India Radio 101.6-FM radio stations in chandigarh

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which is the most popular radio station fm in chandigarh?

  1. Bajao Radio
  2. Chandigarh FM
  3. All India Radio
  4. Vivek Bharti
  5. Radio Mirchi
  6. Radio vivek
  7. 92.7Big FM

Q2: Why FM radio is still popular?

FM radio is in trend beccause of its local content and is ease in its accesibility.Moreover, it is free to listen to.It is effiicient and is very convenient because it also shows up varied content which consists of music and talk shows.

Q3: What is the full form of FM in radio?

FM stands for Frequency Modulation.Consequently ,FM is used in radio broadcasting.

Q4:Which radio station has best music?

  1. The beat
  2. The star country
  3. The mix
  4. The classic rock

Q5: Is radio legal in India?

Yes, Radio broadcasting is legal in India .Moreover, Broadcasting is regulated by the government of India.

Q6:Why FM radio is better?

FM radio is better because it provides us with noise resistance.Moreover it is suitable for music and offers greater brandwidth.

Q7:Does FM has better sound quality?

Yes , it provides us with better sound quality as it is noise resistance.

Q8:How do I choose a radio?

It depends upon preferences and needs. The factors to keep in mind while choosing radio are:

Firstly,it depends upon type of radio and its feature.Check whether it is portable or not.Keep in mind about its size and description.

Q9:What are the three types of radio?

Firstly, it is Amplitude Modulation

2.Frequency Modulation

3. Digital Radio

Q10: Which age group listen to radio?

Generally, it is people who aged 35 and above.


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