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WordPress is software that helps you in making websites, either for personal use or for business use. WordPress learning is an important part of the web designing course ad well because this software has some basic and advanced features which you will need to know to make a website. In this article, we will talk about the WordPress training course. We will look at the courses you can learn about WordPress. We will see market opportunities, earnings, and personal growth. Furthermore, we will also look at the syllabus of basic and advanced WordPress courses.  By the end of this article, you will know about the WordPress course and what these courses have to offer.

WordPress Learning
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WordPress Learning

WordPress Learning online

 There are a lot of sources where you can learn WordPress online courses. You can learn WordPress online just like you learn it offline. Many platforms offer screen-sharing features like Zoom, Microsoft teams, and many more. These platforms also allow you to interact with the teacher so that you can clear your doubts. You can also get recorded lessons which you can watch anytime you want. There are thousands of institutes and online teaching services that offer to teach you WordPress, these are usually paid but you can also find some free tutorials on YouTube.

WordPress basic course

WordPress’s basic course covers the basic features and will guide you on how to create a simple website. You will not need any coding skills to create a website and it is also a very fast process. Basic courses usually teach you how to find web hosting, themes, plugins, features of the dashboard, etc. In other words, you will learn how to make a fully functional and professional-looking website for your business or other purposes in a short time. But you will only learn how to use built-in themes and plugins in the basic course and for the custom theme and plugin building you will need to choose an advanced course.

WordPress advanced course

WordPress advanced course teaches you more details about WordPress. You can make more complex websites using WordPress. In other words, it will explain more about themes and plugins, testing and publishing of website, widget development. You will also learn to build an e-commerce website, HTML, jQuery, CSS, JavaScript, Core PHP, Custom theme building, custom plugin building, and custom widget web development. So, you can also provide web development services. However, you will need to know the basics of WordPress and programming and if you have non-programming background then you might need some extra effort and more time, and if you have a programming background then it will take less time.

WordPress development course

In the WordPress development course, you will learn to create your own plugins, themes, and widgets. Plugins are PHP codes that are used to increase the functionality of your WordPress website. A theme customizes the layout, colors, and style elements of your website. As a result, the look of your website depends on what theme you use. Widget is a tool to add content or features to your website’s sidebar or header or footer, for instance, signup form or a list of popular posts, and you don’t need to know to code for adding widgets. Therefore, after the WordPress developer course, you can become a professional WordPress developer.

Market opportunity of WordPress course

There are a lot of market opportunities for WordPress courses. Every company needs a website and WordPress is a platform that makes it easy to create and manage a website. If you know PHP, HTML and CSS then you can create your own themes and plugins. As a result, work as a freelance WordPress developer. However, if you know how to create a website using WordPress with existing themes, you can still get clients. You can also become a content manager and manage websites for other people, a content manager needs to write content, plan a strategy to post content, needs marketing skills, and also updating existing content. 


Many companies make their websites using WordPress and they need someone to maintain it. Thus, we can say that good WordPress developer are in demand. You can make money as a professional WordPress developer. The average salary of a WordPress developer can range from 20,000 INR – 25,000 INR. If you’re not interested in a job, you can also do freelance and make good money. Similarly, content managers are hired by companies to manage the content on their website and so, they are in demand too. The average salary of a content manager in India is 6lakh INR/A according to talent.

Syllabus for Basic WordPress Learning

1.      Creating a WordPress Site

2.      Logging into WordPress

3.      Choosing a theme for the website

4.      Creating a post

5.      Publishing the post

6.      Adding images

7.      Adding videos

8.      Creating hyperlinks

9.      Adding Widgets

10.   Pages (creating, changing the order of pages, and deleting pages)

11.   Installing WordPress Plugins

12.   Installing Themes

Syllabus for Advanced WordPress Learning

1.    Html: HyperText Markup Language is used to create web pages

2.    CSS: Cascading Style Sheets is a language that is used to describe the layout of a webpage such as font, color, etc.

3.    Java script: It is a programming language that makes the webpage to engage the audience.

4.    jQuery: It is a feature-rich, cross-platform and fast JavaScript library that makes animation, AJAX, event handling, and HTML document transversal and manipulation easier.

5.    Core PHP: It is used to create dynamic web pages. However, it is a very simple PHP programming language.

6.    Custom theme building/ editing: WordPress has a huge library of free themes which can format the layout of your website. Custom theme building means building your own theme. To clarify, you can customize the layout of your website.

7.    Custom plugin building/ editing: A plugin is a piece of software that contains a group of functions and you can use them to extend the functionality of your website. Custom plugin building will teach you how to create your plugins. As a result, you can add functions of your choice to your website.


In this article, we discussed WordPress learning and its modules. In short, a WordPress complete course can be beneficial for you if you want to become a WordPress developer or a content manager. There are two different types of courses in WordPress, a basic course and an advanced course. You will need to do the advanced course to work as a professional WordPress developer. As a result, it will ensure more clients for you if you plan on working as a freelancer. We also looked at the market opportunities and earnings in this field. Many businesses are going online. Therefore, in the future, there will be high demand for WordPress developers.



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