Telecom Industry for freshers.

Telecom industry for freshers

In this modern world students wants to be independent. People love to work side by side with their studies. That is how the Telecom industry for freshers helps. This does not only help them. But also help their family, Some want’s to work to fulfill their dreams like purchasing exorbitant things. Some of them work part-time with studies some work full-time since they study corresponding. The most common popular job is Telecom. Which is at a very high peak in demand in the pandemic time as well. There are two types of telecom industry one is domestic and the other is international. There are so many service providers in India.

Telecom jobs for freshers
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Jobs in telecom sector for freshers

Getting a job in the telecom industry for freshers is easy and having experience is a plus point. That is why people search for more jobs in the telecom sector for freshers. When the job seeker’s contact to the company for the job then the HR team of the company takes the Interview first to check the candidate’s communication skills. The candidate needs to clear the aptitude test, If the company found the candidate is suitable for the company then the candidate will be eligible for further interview, and after clearing the final round HR team again meet the candidate to give an appointment letter.

Training Process in Telecommunication jobs for freshers.

Training Process in Telecommunication jobs for freshers is very important. In this training period company really invest so much money on each candidate, So that they can get the maximum output in terms of the revenue, But some candidate does not take their job seriously and after getting their first salary either they resign or do not come back to the office which is a really big loss for the company, That is why for some of them doing telecom jobs in India is difficult Because companies sign up for a 1-year bond first. The company also provides industrial training to those who do not have a bpo background.

Safety and facility in Telecom jobs for freshers.

In order to work in telecommunication jobs in India. The company provides full safety for telecom jobs for freshers, In terms of girl safety, there is no favoritism and politics but this sounds to be not true. In Some companies, higher management takes the benefits of their position. Every company has a security guard and gives a cab facility to their employee. The company also gives promotions and other perks to their employee on their meeting targets some companies really take care of their workers by playing or having creating things like a fun Friday or playing games on the floor but employees are always happy If they got a good appraisal every year.

Education & Medical Reimbursement in Telecom careers in India.

Education & Medical Reimbursement in Telecom in India is mandatory. The company also provides medical benefits to their employee. But the coverage or amount could be based on the position or another condition. The company provides free medical for up to a certain amount. Which covered only the worker of the company will get the benefit from it and to add other family members he or she has to pay extra to enroll. That is why telecom careers in India are in high demand.

Canteen or cafeteria in Telecom jobs in India

In Telecom jobs in India. Every Company has a canteen in their company or pantry for their employee. the vendor will be verified by the admin, Admin team also takes the feedback from time to time from their employee for a better service. People also take their food. which they can reheat in the microwave provided by the company, the company also provides refrigerators and water campers for their employees. People love to celebrate their birthday in the cafeteria and also love to celebrate a team potluck. The company provides TV and limited access to the internet so that employee can enjoy their personal time.

Fitness and fun zone in Telecommunication companies in India.

In Telecommunication companies in India. The company provides a gym facility to their employee. Some of the company also provides a gaming zone. Where people not only play games. But also take benefit of their leisure time. Some companies also special take care of those, Whose age is more than 35 years old. the company provides yoga facilities to them and also free medical checkups.

Corporate parties

Employees in Telecommunication companies love to join these Corporate parties at special moments or a day. But those Who are working on a live project cannot come somehow, But in return, They will receive a dinner coupon from their Company.


As per my point of view jobs in telecom companies is good. making a carrier in this line is totally different, It is good, If you really need money but if someone graduates in engineering should not join the Telecom Industry. there are 2 types of telecom industry 1 is domestic and the other is international those who can work in night shift only those should join the line otherwise it will give you a nightmare after a decade. 


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