Why cars are cheap in Chandigarh

New cars are cheaper in Chandigarh due to the taxes of the Chandigarh union territory govt. Chandigarh government has decided to lower the rates of road taxes on the vehicle used for personal uses. At this time Chandigarh government is taking a 6% tax on new registration of vehicles under 20lakh. Above 20 lakh the tax increases up to 8%. This is the impact on cost-cutting on new cars. This road tax is applicable before the GST in Chandigarh, which affects too much on new car costs. This is the biggest reason for cheap cars are available in Chandigarh.

Cheap Used Car In Chandigarh

 Chandigarh is the biggest marketplace for cheap cars. On every Sunday in Chandigarh, the car bazaar is organized by the Chandigarh car dealer’s association. Where they provide thousand variety of cars and customer need. On this Sunday car bazaar, thousands of peoples visit and they select the best car at cheap rates. Chandigarh transport association is taking minimum charges in re-registration on Viechel. Chandigarh to Chandigarh transfer it took 800-1000 rupees which cost cheaper than other cities. If you are outside of the city when you face such problems in a new car. If you are outcome and taking the second-hand car there is also a little-bit problem which you face. But don’t worry dealers are provide everything and solution legally for this they charge extra charges.

Cheap sports car in Chandigarh

As we all know that Chandigarh roads are very neat and clean that’s why people carry sports cars. Because sports cars have very little minimum ground clearance, they need smooth roads. In Chandigarh, there are hundreds of sports cars and they are provided at cheaper rates. Some second-hand car dealers in Chandigarh are providing cheap sports cars. If you are a lover of a sports car then you also know the Ford Mustang sports car cost up to 70-80 lakh for a new car. In Chandigarh, you have to pay less tax and, save up to 5-6 lakh on a new car. If you go to the option of the second-hand car in Chandigarh then you save 35-40 lakh rupees which is a big amount. That’s why you take a cheap sports car in Chandigarh.


Lower car prices in Chandigarh

As we all know the taxes of Chandigarh are very less compared to other states that’s why lower car prices in Chandigarh. This also affects the second-hand car market in Chandigarh. Being lower in car prices is also affects the economy. In Chandigarh almost in every house, there are 2-3 cars are available in 1 house. These cars create pollution and affect the economy globally. Lower car prices have benefits as well as disadvantages also. Chandigarh car prices are lower that’s why peoples own luxury cars. In Chandigarh we can see easily Mercedes, BMW, Audis are normal cars compared to other states. Some people come from the outer city and they have the complete document. So they also can take advantage of lower car prices.


Affordable cars

Affordable cars are according to their budget it is set. We all know that everyone has a different budget in their pocket. Everyone has a dream to buy a car according to their budget. Most car companies also understand Indian needs and make their budget-friendly car. For example; Maruti company they are making the cars 3-30 lakh rupee cost. If you have a 3-4 lakh budget you can go to their outlets and purchase a new car alto which is the most selling car in India. In 5-6 lakh budget you can take wagon r. if you have to go to another brand like Hyundai. You have 3-5 lakh rupee you can buy a Santro, Eon, I10 car. In 6-9 lakh rupee budget you own I20 car which is the most selling car in this budget. These companies understand the needs of customers and they make affordable cars.

Why cars are cheap in Chandigarh
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Why cars are cheap in Chandigarh

Cheap Automatic cars

Everyone wants a comfortable drive that’s why they prefer to automatic transmission car. Automatic cars are easy to drive and comfortable. on a long journey, you feel that automatic cars are very comfortable to drive. Cheap automatic cars are also available in the market according to the budget there are so many options are available. If you have a 5-7 lakh rupee budget you can also own an automatic transmission new car. Taxes are very less in Chandigarh which is also 1 reason to buy a new car at cheap rates. In 5-7 lakh rupee budget you can buy Maruti Ignis, Wagon r, etc. options are available. These cars normally come in the manual transmission you have to book it first and only then you have to buy these automatic transmissions car.


Convertible cars are very costly and show much less on the Indian roads. If you want to buy a convertible car you have to spend 80-99 lakh rupee. Because these cars are very good in look and some of them also have exhaust which has a mind-blowing voice. In cheap convertible cars, only 1 car in India which is only less is price. The road presence of this Mahindra Thar is very good in the Indian market. This Mahindra Thar has so many options which attract everyone. Convertible roof, 4*4 all-wheel drive, good looking, good ground clearance. This is the perfect car and most selling cheap convertible car in Chandigarh.  

Best Cheap Cars

In Chandigarh there are so many cheap cars are available in the second-hand car market. Which is located every Sunday in Manimajra republic fun. All cars are available in this Sunday car Bazar. If you have 50 thousand rupees you can also go to this market and own a second-hand car. In this market, you have to bargain with the car dealers and set the reignable price and own a car. You can get it according to your need car. In this market, you have hundreds of options are available to buy a car.

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