Python Training in Chandigarh

Python training in Chandigarh

Techedo Technologies is the authentic and best institute for Python training in Chandigarh that provides 100% placement assistance. Getting a placement after certification is the prime concern of every student. We give classroom training, corporate training, and online training of Python. This allows the students to gain knowledge from almost all important fields that use Python computer programming language. We also provide Case studies for all advance modules in Python Training Online as well.

We positioned as No.1 Python training in Chandigarh, Techedo Technologies offers this course with the support of high level and experienced faculty, who have immense knowledge and command over this subject. At the Python training in our institute the expert Python language panel share between them a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge. They are well versed in best practices used in industries and hence can provide better job oriented practices to the participating candidates at the Python training institute in Chandigarh.

Though there are several training institutes available that teach Python, what sets Techedo Technologies apart is its course structure. The Python training course available here includes the most updated version of the language and follows the official curriculum.

Introduction to Python

Python is a language ​​that is used for various applications. Python is a simple, open-source, and object-oriented coding language. It is a dynamic type, high-level, and interpreted coding language. It is a widespread, general purpose; the open-source language used for many different purposes.  Python is used for web development, AI, machine learning, operating systems, mobile application development, and some video games. Python course is becoming more popular in all ​​due to its advantages.

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Free and open-source structure
  • High-level language
  • Portability
  • Supports different programming paradigm
  • Extensible

Python Syllabus

  1. Python Installation
    2. Python Basics
    3. Variables and Data Types
    4. Decisions Making a Loop
    5. Functions
    6. Modules and Packages
    7. Exception Handling
    8. Files and Directories
    9. Classes Objects
    10. Regular Expressions
    11. Socket Programming
    12. Project-Client Server Chatting Application

You will also learn:

  • Object-Oriented Programming Python: All you need to know
  • Top 10 Python Libraries You Must Know in 2020
  • A Beginner’s Guide to learn web scraping with python!
  • Django Tutorial – Web Development with Python Django Framework

Best uses for Python

  • Web Development using Python
  • Use of python modules in Game Development.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence using Python
  • Data Science and Data Visualization using python code or tool
  • Desktop GUI development in python
  • Web Scraping Applications using python
  • Business intelligence Applications in python
  • Development of Audio and Video Applications using Python
  • Implementation in CAD Applications using Python modules
  • Development Embedded Applications using Python frameworks

Job Opportunities

  • Python Developer • Python Manager • Data Analyst • Educator • Financial Advisor
    Data Journalist and so on.



















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