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Python Course in Chandigarh

Are you looking for suitable Institute for Python training in Chandigarh? Your search ends here. One of the leading Professional Training Institute in sector-34 Chandigarh, Techedo has brought one of the Best Training Course in Python in which we’ll brush up your basics and will turn you into a certified Python expert.

Anyone with the basic knowledge of programming can join this wonderful Python Training Institute. Apart from this, if you’re also a developer, designer, or a Quality Analyst working in a Software Company in Chandigarh – you can go for this course to make yourself more eligible professionally.

What will the course include?

Basics of Python

Before mastering any martial art, you work on your basics moves first. Similarly, before learning Python, we’ll teach you its fundamentals.

So, in this module, we’ll learn about the history of the language, it’s installing, execution, Python keywords, Python statements, command line arguments, etc. We’ll also teach you to write your first program in Python.

Data types and Variables

Once you’ve mastered the basics, your proper training will start in which we’ll begin teaching you about data types and types of variables.

Decision making instructions

The third module is about control flow, loops, and decision making instructions. They play a crucial role in programming. Hence, it’s the most important part of your study.


In this part, we’ll talk about function, function arguments, the process of calling functions, etc.


As Python is a modular programming language, it’s important to have a thorough knowledge of modules. So, in this part, we’ll teach you about importing modules, standard system and operating system module, packages, etc.

Files and Directories

In this module, we’ll teach you how to work with modules and directories.

How will this best Python Course in Chandigarh benefit you?

As there is high demand of Python certified experts in Chandigarh, the course will offer you a myriad of job scopes. You’ll be eligible for various job interviews and will be given more preference over other candidates. In short,this is your key to a golden career in IT. All you need is to take a step forward.

Why should you do your Python training from Techedo Chandigarh?

Being one of the best professional training institutes in Chandigarh, we’re equipped with avant-garde facilities along with a highly qualified staff and a serene environment for learning. Here, we offer you the opportunities to learn things by doing not just by cramming. Our rich track record, clearly proves our calibre.