Jangeshu Waterfall – Paradise Valley and Prem Valley

In this blog, I’m going to share my experience of visiting the Jangeshu Waterfall. Living in Chandigarh can be fun and sad at the same time. Although there are Night Clubs, Museums and many fun things to do. Whether you’re an employee, student, or unemployed in Chandigarh, you need time to relax and Chill. Last Friday, I was so messed Up and tired. My heart and Brain were, simultaneously, exhausted. I got to know, that, I have to spend time with myself. Away from work, studies, Responsibilities, and this world. Just one day, I need to give myself time.

After this realization, I straight up called my very good friend, vanit, to make a plan to visit some peaceful hill Station yet beautiful place somewhere in the hills, near Chandigarh. He was a bit confused, as I urged him not to visit Kasauli or any other Place. As, I Often visit these places and Now, I want to explore something New. After 2-3 minutes, He told me about a Valley in Jangeshu, which has Waterfall, Swimming Pool, a Beautiful Natural Environment, and a Sitting Area Near Waterfall to Chill for a Day. I wasn’t sure whether I should, Visit it or not, but my Internal Soul Forced me to visit. So, I showed a Green Signal To Vanit about this Place.

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As we made our plan, at midnight. we weren’t able to wake Up early in the morning.

Therefore, I wake up at 8 am of the morning. In hurry, I freshened up and got ready at 9’o Clock. Suddenly, I came to know that I had to visit University for my Documents Verification. I reached the university at 10 am and informed Vanit to meet me in sector 34. After Quick Verification, I finally reached Sector 34 at 11’o Clock, where vanit was waiting for me.

Location and Route to Jangeshu Waterfall-

Let me tell you, Paradise Valley Jangeshu is located, 25 km away from Kalka, near Kasauli.

After picking vanit on the bike, I speed up my bike as much as I can. You know, Chandigarh has some strict traffic rules, which can make up late, further. Luckily, most of the lights were green on our way. It made it possible for us to exit Chandigarh.

After reaching Panchkula, we opened Google Maps to further improve our way. Google Maps advised us to enter Kalka Town and go through some steep Streets. we were a little frustrated on google as we lost our way through the streets. But luckily, We find our way and reached the Upper Mountains.

I was driving a bike and let me tell you, I’m not an experienced Mountain Driver. So I was feeling very nervous. With God’s blessing, We reached the destination in just 1 hour and 35 minutes. I was also feeling very proud that I drive a bike, well, on these mountains.

Paradise Valley and Prem Valley- Jangeshu Waterfall

Let me tell you, Jangeshu is a small village on a way to Kasauli.

There is a waterfall, flowing in between the mountains, which makes its way into the Jangeshu Village.

Jangeshu Waterfall
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The Valley where the waterfall makes its way down tour is known as the Paradise Valley. Furthermore, there is also Prem Valley, which is close to Paradise Valley. Owner of both Valleys ( Paradise and Prem ) are Cousin Brothers, who share a part of Waterfall. The Upper Part of the Waterfall is owned by Prem Valley and the Lower Part of the Waterfall is owned by Paradise Valley. However, Paradise Valley is more enjoyable and has better facilities and Swimming Pool. Sadly, Prem Valley, become a victim of Land- Sliding, in 2021, Which has caused a lot of Destruction. Currently, it’s much better and they are working on better facilities.

That’s enough Information for you all.

Let’s back on our Journey.

Paradise Valley- Jangeshu Waterfall

We, both Boys, reached Paradise Valley around 12:45 pm. After Parking a Bike. We walked around it as the weather was foggy and cloudy. I was feeling, really good in that weather.

Paradise Valley Jangeshu - Prem Valley Jangeshu Waterfall
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Vanit said to enter the reception of Paradise Valley Jangeshu for ticket and entry Confirmation. On our entry, we get to know that only Couples or Family Visitors are allowed in the Waterfall or Swimming Pool. In short, Only Boys aren’t allowed in the Paradise Valley. Moreover, these were their Conditions and requirements to get an entry-

Conditions and Requirements of Paradise valley, Jangeshu- 1. Only Boys are NOT ALLOWED.
2. Alcohol Not Allowed.
3. Only for Families( Girls or Women required in case of Family Entry) and Couples (With 1 Girl max 2 boys allowed).
4. Ticket Not required for Below 5 Years Old.
5. 200 Rs. Per Person per Hour for the Swimming Pool area.
6. 100 Rs. Per Person per Hour for the Water Sitting area.

Now, That was so illogical.

We were really mad at them for these requirements. I mean, not all boys are the same.

After this, we’re really sad. I mean, we drive a bike for 50 km to spend some peaceful time.

Prem Valley- Jangeshu Waterfall

Suddenly, we saw a big banner of Prem valley, near Paradise valley. However, we never heard of this valley. We proceeded to the receptionist to ask for entry fees and requirements. Thankfully, he gave permission, Unlike Paradise valley.

Entry Fees was 100 Rs. Per Person. So, in total, We paid 200 Rs. for Entry.

For Lunch, there was a broad menu yet a little bit expensive.
Although, we were carrying some fruits, and snacks but couldn’t stop ourselves to order a plate of steamed momos, which cost us 100 Rs.

Staff Members accompanied us to the waterfall and sitting area, downside.

By seeing a waterfall and Sitting area in the Valley, I was mesmerized. Therefore, I couldn’t stop myself to enter the waterfall.

Paradise Valley Jangeshu - Prem Valley Jangeshu Waterfall
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Unlike me, Vanit was busy Clicking Pictures with different Poses. Whatsoever, he was living his best life.

He also clicked some pictures with my Book.

Honestly, it was a quite good experience. My brain and soul were purified by witnessing Mother Nature’s beauty. Some lines of William Wordsworth’s poem Heart- Leap Wall, came into my mind-

“The Being, that is in the clouds and air,
That is in the green leaves among the groves,
Maintains a deep and reverential care
For them the quiet creatures whom he loves.

These Lines were Completely resembling my mood Near Waterfall.

Back to Chandigarh-

At 2:30, after spending some peaceful time, We exited Jangeshu. Within 1 hr and 40 minutes, We reached Chandigarh.

It was raining in Chandigarh, so we decided to drink a cup of tea at sector 34. Around 5’O Clock, we parted ways, to reach our respective houses.

Summing It Up-

In conclusion, If you want to Chill at any peaceful place or want to spend some time with yourself or your loved ones, the Valleys at Jangeshu waterfall are a Perfect Choice. When I reached home, after visiting Jangeshu, my heart was blooming and some divine mother nature energy was running in my soul.

Paradise Valley Jangeshu - Prem Valley Jangeshu Waterfall
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In the end, I strongly recommend this place to every person. Especially, who is from Chandigarh as this place is very near to the city. I hope my information will help you to enjoy your Jangeshu Visit.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q-1. What is the Jangeshu Waterfall Direction?

Ans- Jangeshu Waterfall is located, 25 km away from Kalka, near Kasauli on Old Kasauli Road. Paradise Valley and Prem valley are the official resorts near Waterfall and Charge people around 100 to 200 Rs. to visit this waterfall, downside with various facilities provided by respective owners.

Q-2. Where is Paradise Valley Resort?

Ans- Paradise Valley Resort is located near Kasauli and Parwaano, nearly 25 km away from Kalka on Old Kasauli Road.

Q-3. How many kilometers, it is from Chandigarh to Paradise valley?

Ans- It is around 50 kilometers to visit Paradise valley Kasauli from Chandigarh. However, it is located near Old Kasauli Road, 25 km away from Kalka.

Q-4. How much does it cost at Paradise Valley Swimming Pool, Kasauli?

Ans- It Costs around 200 Rs. Per Person Per Hour, to get entry to Paradise Valley Swimming Pool. However, for Children who are below 5 years, it is free for them.

Q-5. What is the entry Price to paradise Valley Jangeshu Waterfall Area?

Ans- 100 Rs. Per Person per Hour is the entry price for the Water Sitting area to paradise Valley Jangeshu Waterfall Area.

Q-6. Are the group of Boys or Only Boys, can get entry To Paradise Valley Jangeshu Waterfall?

Ans- It will sound weird but, in reality, No group of Boys is allowed to enter Paradise Valley Jangeshu. Only Families( Girls or Women required in case of Family Entry) and Couples (With 1 Girl max 2 boys allowed) are allowed in Paradise Valley Jangeshu.

Q7. Is Alcohol allowed in Paradise Valley Jangeshu Waterfall?

Ans- Paradise Valley has a strong and strict Condition, to not serve or carry alcohol in a resort or Waterfall Area.

Q-8. Is there any resort in Jangeshu?

Ans- Paradise Valley Resort and Prem Valley Resort are major resorts in Jangeshu which also includes a swimming pool and breathtaking private Waterfall Areas.


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