Best Hill Station near Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Apart from bird park, museums, street food, tourism, and nightclubs, Chandigarh is very peaceful but those people who living in Chandigarh since childhood have very few palaces to visit on weekends. Those people who live in Chandigarh only had restaurants, bars, and clubs to enjoy on weekends. So this article is for those people who wanted to enjoy their weekend with some adventure in a shorter period of time in the best hill station near Chandigarh. We will provide some information about places that are famous or some that are hidden. Additionally, in 2 to 3 hours, you can explore these beautiful places which are given below.

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kasauli -Best Hill Station near Chandigarh
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Kasauli is a town between on the way of Chandigarh to Shimla. it’s a very beautiful town and cantonment, located in the Solan district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The distance of Kasauli from Chandigarh is 57.1 km. The grand victorian structure speaks to the glorious past of the hill stations. The serene atmosphere and charming serenity here attract everyone to it. you can go there by cabs, buses, and with your vehicles. it’s one of the famous hill stations near Chandigarh.

Main attractions – Monkey  point, Christ (Anglican) church, sunset point, Mall-Road


Morni hills - Best Hill Station near Chandigarh
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Next, we have, Morni hills a hill station situated in Panchkula(Haryana). Morni is also Chandigarh’s nearby hill station the distance between Morni to Chandigarh is 41.1km. there are two ways to go, you can go there by nada sahib road or via Shimla Kalka road. both ways are very beautiful because of the greenery and clear roads. Traveling through the Morni hills mountain mesmerized you by its beautiful views. You can see their many monkeys or sometimes u can see deer also.

If you want to enjoy your day peacefully or do some adventure and you have a short period, that’s a beautiful option for you.

MAIN ATTRACTION – Adventure Park, Tikkar Tall, Thakur Dwar Temple


Solan-Best Hill Station near Chandigarh
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As you ride from Kasauli, Solan is Located near Chandigarh at a distance of 70 km. in this place, a large amount of mushroom farming take place which has resulted in it being known as the mushroom city of India. the weather in solan is always pleasing because of the foggy weather. solan has an ancient temple and monasteries that attract a huge amount of tourists towards them Apart from this you will be glad to know about a hidden beauty of solan its called the Riva waterfall very few people know about that place.

MAIN ATTRACTION -Maa Shooloni temple, Mohan park(heritage park), Jatoli shiv temple, Jawaher park


Timber trail-Best Hill Station near Chandigarh
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Parwanoo is nearby from Chandigarh distance between Chandigarh is 30 km. the main attraction of Parwanoo is the Timber trail. This cable car ride gives you a heartbreaking and beautiful view of the valley it has a 10-12 person capability. when you finished your 1.5 km ride and arrived at the top of the mountain. On top, you will see the Parwonoo resort there you can take a spa with a beautiful view or stay a night along with the sky.

Attractions-  Timber trail, paranoia resort Pinjor garden, kali mat mandir

4. CHAIL,Best Hill Station near Chandigarh

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CHAIL is also the most famous best hill station near Chandigarh. The distance between Chandigarh to Chail is 107km. Chail is an allure for most tourists, surrounded by pine and deodar trees which promise a pleasing retreat from the hectic schedule of daily life routine. On the way to chail, you will find a place called shade pull. In sadhupull, a river is going through the mountain and The shopkeepers of that have made their restaurant on the banks of sadhupull Because of this you can enjoy your lunch on the banks of the river with your family or friends. Moreover, you should also visit Kali Tibba Temple on the top of the Mountains.

Main attractions – kali tibba temple, sadhupul, Chail sanctuary, stoned shiv temple

5. NALAGARH,Best Hill Station near Chandigarh

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Nalagarh is an unexplored hill station near Chandigarh. The distance between Chandigarh to chail is 47.5 km. it is primarily known as the home of the Nalagarh fort, one of the historical landmarks. You can enjoy their golf ground, hike, and indulges in river crossing you can also try mountain climbing or spend your day peacefully. the town is also famous for fishing or boating in Gobind sager lake. It can be visited by couples or families. Nalagarh is a perfect combination of architecture and culture to attract visitors from any corner of the country.

Main attractions– Nalagarh fort, Gobind sager lake,nalagrh park

6. SHIMLA,Best Hill Station near Chandigarh

Shimla-Best Hill Station near Chandigarh
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Shimla is the most famous and the best hill station to visit near Chandigarh because of its beautiful environment and snowfalls. it is only 112.8 km far away from Chandigarh.  Whether it is a matter of summer or winter vacations Shimla always comes first on the list of tourists. The hills here which are surrounded by green trees make them utterly white in winter as they were never green. To enjoy it, people come here from every corner of India, The Christ Church of Shimla is located on Mall Road, which is the second oldest church in North India. there is a track from mall road that can reach you at Jhaku mandir an ancient temple dedicated to the Hindu deity lord hanuman. it’s a 108 feet tall sculpture of lord hanuman.

Main attractions – The mall road, The ridge, the christ church, Jhaku temple


Kufri-Best Hill Station near Chandigarh
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Just a short distance from Shimla we have Kufri. Kufri is one of the best beautiful hill stations near Chandigarh, just 127.4km away. Kufri is a tiny hill station famous for its trekking and hiking trails the popularity of the hill station as a tourist spot grew only in the last few decades. when you reach Kufri you have to short trek for getting to the top of the hill also you have a choice of the trek with a horse ride to reach the top of the mountain and you will get all those trekking gears for trekking on rent as shoes, sticks, and winter dresses. you can enjoy adventure activities like ice skating, zip lining, yak riding, and many more.

the main attraction- trekking,  tobogganing, hiking, go-karting

Frequently asked questions

Q-1 which are Hill stations near Chandigarh within 100 km?

Ans- There are many more hill stations near Chandigarh under 100 km, Nahan, Barog, and Nalagarh including parwanoo, kasouli, and solan.

Q-2Which are hill stations near Chandigarh within 200 km?

Ans-if you want to go under 200 km to hill station we have Shimla, Mandi, Mussorie,and chakarta. Although, these places are undoubtedly worth their hype.

Q-3 which Hill stations are nearest to Chandigarh?

Ans- Morni is the nearest hill station from Chandigarh. one should travel there via bus, car, and bike also.

Q-4 where can I find snow near Chandigarh?

Ans- In late December or January, you can find snow in places like Solang, Mashobra, Kufri, and Rohtang.

Q-5 which is better kasouli or Morni hills?

Ans- The difference between kasouli and Morni hills is 500m above sea level. kasouli is cooler than morni hills.


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