Everything You Need To Know Before Developing a Real Estate Mobile App

Analyse and know all aspects of the services you are offering in real estate.

First of all, you should have the proper knowledge of each and every aspect of the service or product you are selling in real estate. Secondly, if you want to sell it online using a mobile app, then there are some other points that you should be aware of. Some of the essential points we have covered in this article will help you to understand everything you need to know before developing a real estate mobile app. No matter if it is developed on IOS, Android, or any other platform.

Real Estate Mobile App
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real estate mobile app

Analyze and know all aspects of the services you are offering in real estate.
First of all, you should have the proper knowledge of each and every aspect of the service or product you are selling in real estate. Secondly, if you want to sell it online using a mobile app, then there are some other points that you should be aware of. No matter if it is developed on IOS, Android, or any other platform. Creating a Proper Requirement Sheet to Know What Tools and Options to Keep in the App. You can also take a reference from any international Real Estate mobile app and then view that app from the point of view of both a buyer and a seller.

To Develop a real estate mobile app the algorithms must have minimal coding and easy to use interface. Two major roles of this application are admin and the employee because the admin will be able to access all the forms of projects and reports. On the other hand, the employee will be able to access the project on which he has previously worked or to which he has been assigned.

Do marketing analysis

Normally, a real estate market targets some particular areas. Accordingly, it develops its products for the customers of that particular area. The top priority of this process is to analyze the market and know about the demands and needs. Moreover, you also need to know the expenditure limits of your customer. For that, you may take help from different tools and technologies. Gather and analyze the data of customers of that area. You may also hire an IT firm for this process. After analyzing everything, your goals will be clear. Surely, you will be ready to make a strategy and develop your app.


The first thing to consider, while building a mobile application is the platform you want to support; Android or IOS as they are the most dominant. However, you also want to anticipate the devices these platforms will be on phone or tablet whether it’s an iPad or an android tablet. This gives you a different dynamic on how you want to build your application.

Take a reference of already existing real estate mobile app.

It is not easy to develop a full-fledged mobile app without any reference. There are multiple mobile apps on real estate. You have to chose which one is dealing with the same product or services as you are. Use this mobile app from both the user and client end. Now, make a requirement sheet for your mobile app. This will help you a lot to understand that how this process works from all ends. Moreover, you can analyze the failures and improve your product.

Consult an experienced mobile app developer

Consult an experienced mobile app developer. Know about the possibilities and technical barriers that you are about to face while developing this mobile app. Because an app developer will guide you technically for the further process. Analyze time, amount, and the platform for developing this mobile app. With the help of the developer. Match all these results with your feasibility. To know if you are capable to develop and maintain this mobile app for your business. There are multiple things that you should be taking care of. For example, the budget, gathering a team, managing the team, testing, etc. If you are ready to go, hire a mobile app designer and develop some wireframes/ prototypes for its UI design. Making a design is really important because that works as a real implementation model.

You can now imagine the possibilities of your mobile app if you have finalized its design. After finalizing a design, you can start developing your mobile app.

The team that will build your application:-

  1. Developer

As we said previously that we have to consider the platforms between IOS and android mobile phones. Subsequently, these types of applications are written in two different languages. So, you need an IOS developer and an Android developer. You may find a developer who can perform both the tasks but if you have one developer working on both the platforms then it will take more time or we can say it will double the time. If you hire two developers for different platforms, you can make them work parallel and lessen the time in developing app.

2. Web Full Stack Developer

Now, even if you have selected to go for the PWA route you still need to host your app’s data somewhere in the cloud. Till now, your app is just a sort of calculator where you are doing a really quick function. Your data is not getting save anywhere, there is no communication between multiple users. You want to make sure that the data you are working on resides in a secure location in the cloud. So to create the infrastructure of the cloud you need a web full stack developer. So that the mobile app can access its data.

3. Designer

You also need a designer

to make sure that everything on the app looks good. If it looks pretty it engages your users which is extremely important especially with this competitive landscape you are also going to need a QA person to make sure that your real estate app is tested, whether it is your back-end infrastructure or your mobile app.

Mobile App for Real Estate

A real estate mobile app helps people search for houses. Either for investment, buying for residential use, or renting. Mobile apps make it easy for users to research the real estate market. They can search for houses based on many different criteria. For example, location, price, size, and type of property. A mobile app is handy and makes it much easier than the traditional way of looking for houses. Moreover, these apps also allow you to send documents to your customers via the app. Some of the real estate apps currently are:

  1. Zillow
  2. Realtor.com
  3. Trulia
  4. Apartments.com
  5. LoopNet

Features of Real Estate Mobile App

There are certain essential features that your real estate mobile app should include. These features will improve the user experience. Real estate mobile app features:

  1. Filter- A filter will ease the process of finding a house for your customers. For example, users can search for houses in their location.
  2. Shortlisting- By adding this feature, the users will be able to add their favourite properties to a list. They can then shortlist it further according to their needs.
  3. Maps- Users can have an idea of the location of their preferred houses.
  4. Property Profiles- A house’s property profile includes information about the house. For example, price, owner details, photos of the house. Good photos and videos effect the chances of a house being sold remarkably.
  5. Push Notification- Having push notifcations on your real estate app will create customer engagement. It will ensure active usage of the app. It will be beneficial for buyers as they will get updates about new listings, or change in prices. But you should only send relevant notifications. Irrelevant notifications can cause the customer to delete your app.
  6. Mortgage Calculator- A mortgage calculator will help in calculating monthly mortgage payments. Your customers will not have to spend much time calculating this. Make sure the calculator covers factors such as interest rate, taxes, etc.
  7. Call or Text: The buyers should be able to call or message the real estate agents or owners for information. Adding a feature for sending files will make it more useful.

App Development Company

A real estate mobile app development company can help you make a smoothly working app. These companies specialize in developing real estate apps. They are professional. Thus, your customers will easily find a house according to their preference. They also offer advanced features with an easy-to-use interface. You can grow your business rapidly with the help of an app. This is because people nowadays prefer to look for houses on their devices more. Some leading real estate mobile app development companies are:

  1. TriState Technology
  2. MindInventory
  3. Cliffex
  4. Cisin


In this article, we discussed real estate mobile apps and the process of developing them. We talked about some essential points for developing an app. Further, we also discussed how a mobile app for real estate is better and some leading apps. For example, Zillow or Realtor.com are some leading real estate mobile apps. Moreover, we also looked at some must-have features that you should include in your app. Finally, we talked about real estate mobile app development companies and why they are better. The most important step in making a real estate app is to analyze and research the market. You need to know about the demand and expenditure limits of your customers. Consult an app developer and consider various other expenses. If you can afford to develop an app, then you are good to go.

  1. The real Estate database will have all the details about all the properties and projects.
  2. This app will also be able to assign projects to the employess, defining what kind of projects they are.
  3. With the help of this mobile app, people can also search “homes for sale near me” .
  4. This app will also be helpful in searching for “commercial real estate”.


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