Why Chandigarh is called Tri-city ?

Chandigarh the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana is a city that is famous for several things. It has its unique features, the food, the culture and the name. The name Chandigarh literally translates to Garh meaning house and Chandi is for goddess Chandi. The name is derivative of a temple of the goddess near Panchkula. Two states, Punjab and Haryana surround the city. The city is one of the first modern planned cities globally recognised for its distinct urban design and architecture. Chandigarh has one other significant feature that puts it apart from the others. It is one of the four Tri-Cities located in India and that too a known prominent one. People around are very curious to know why Chandigarh is called a tri-city. Here is a detailed answer to that.

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Tri-city Chandigarh

Why Chandigarh is called Tri-city?- what is Tricity?

It is a very common question When we call Chandigarh a Tricity. To answer the question of what is Tricity, We will refer to the Merriam webster dictionary. It says that Tricity is what we call a group of adjacent and usually economically interacting cities. Tricity areas are usually economically interdependent and have the same or very similar crowd.

Chandigarh and its History

After Independence India-occupied part of Punjab did not have a capital as The capital city of Lahore came under Pakistan-occupied Punjab. Jawahar Lal Nehru encountered the problem by devising the plan of building a new capital of Punjab, Shimla became the temporary capital till the construction of Chandigarh finished.

Chandigarh as we know it today was earlier a group of Paudhi-speaking Villages. The swiss-french architect Albert Meyer started the planning but Le Corbusiercompleted it. Officially, Chandigarh became the capital in the year of 1953. Around the year 1966, there was a demand for the Punjabi-speaking state and the state of Punjab saw a division. Then happened the division of Punjab and Haryana came into existence. There was constant confusion on which state would incorporate Chandigarh. As a result, the central government declared it to be the union territory and the shared capital of Haryana and Punjab.

Chandigarh as a Tricity- Why Chandigarh is called a tri-city

As we already know now Chandigarh is the capital of Harayana and Punjab both. It is between the cities of both states. Panchkula from Haryana and Mohali from Punjab both surround Chandigarh. These two cities and the Chandigarh city together are what make Tricity Chandigarh. The city of Chandigarh and the adjacent cities of Panchkula and Mohali are co-dependent economically. They get a very similar crowd and the culture is identical as well.

As the cities are close to each other the climate they have is quite similar as well. Chandigarh has a crowd that speaks Haryanvi, Punjabi and Hindi. As it is close to the hills of Himachal it gets a crowd from there as well. There are a number of people immigrants of hilly Himachal who speak their regional dialects.

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Firstly, we discuss Panchkula as a city on its own. Secondly, the details of Panchkula as a part of Tricity.

The city gets its name from its location. It exists where five irrigation canals meet. Hence, the name. The three areas of Zirakpur, Chandigarh and Mohali surround it. The city is also planned like Chandigarh with a defined sector system.

Now, as Panchkula is very close to Chandigarh, the cities have very similar climates and cultures. Due to these shared demographics, the cities become co-dependent. With this co-dependence and Chandigarh as the shared capital, it constitutes the Haryana part of Tricity.

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Situated in the southwest part of Chandigarh, In Punjab Mohali is the city that is part of the Chandigarh Tricity area. The city is officially called Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar [SAS Nagar]. It is also a planned city like Panchkula and Chandigarh. It has sectors and phases and gets a very similar crowd as the other two cities in the Tricity area.

Mohali city is actually quite close to central Chandigarh so quite a number of people prefer to stay in Mohali.

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Tri-city in Chandigarh

It is evident that Tri-city in Chandigarh constitutes Panchkula from Haryana and Mohali from Punjab. There are a no. of people who at times don’t have adequate information on the topic and wonder about what is a part and what is not. There is a question from a lot of people is Zirakpur part of Tricity? The answer is no. Similarly, the areas of Kharar and Rajpura are also not a part of the Tricity area.

Chandigarh Tricity area represents a true mix of culture of both the North Indian states and even has a good mix of people from Himachal hills as well. It’s a home for many people and a tourist attraction for another lot.

Frequently asked questions

Why Chandigarh is called Tri-city?

Chandigarh is one of the only four tri cities India constitutes. It consists of Panchkula in Haryana and Mohali in Punjab.

What are the separating factors of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali?

Apart from the geographical location and Chandigarh as the union territory and others as a part of the two different states having their own rules the social environment, meaning and culture are pretty similar.

What is a tri-city?

Merriam-Webster dictionary says that Tricity is what we call a group of adjacent and usually economically interacting cities.

Is Kharar part of Tricity?

The answer is no it’s just a neighbouring town.

Is Zirakpur part of tri-city?

It’s a frequent misconception that it is but it is not.

Is VR Punjab located in the Chandigarh tri-city area?

VR Punjab being located on Kharar-Mohali highway can or can not be considered as part of the tri-city area.



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