Sukhna Lake Sector-1 Chandigarh

Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh, India, is a reservoir at the foothills of Shivalik hills( Himalayas). The address of Sukhna lake is Sector-1 of Chandigarh. Sukhna Lake is a 3 km² rainfed lake created in 1958. It had a depth of 18 feet originally. Sukhna lake Chandigarh is open every day. A seasonal stream comes down from Shivalik Hill by damming the Sukhna Choe. 25.42 km² of land was used in the catchment area and put under vegetation to check the overflow of silt. It is a man-made lake that paints a pretty picture of Chandigarh that’s Why Sukhna Lake is Famous. It comes among the top tourist place in Chandigarh. Le Corbusier designed the city. The lake is at the golf course to the south and Nek Chand’s Rock Garden is to its west.

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Le Corbusier and Chief Engineer P L Verma created the Lake in Chandigarh. Corbusier insists on two things- a ban on motor boats circulating in the water, and for vehicular traffic to be banned on top of the dam to save its tranquility. Amazing sunset at Sukhna lake in Chandigarh. Also, it has the best sunrise view. A lake is a perfect place for peace-loving people. That is to say, the surrounding of this lake is very calm and peaceful. Therefore, each day many visitors come. Lake is good for photographers and artists. It is a good picnic spot. Sukhna means a wish ( fulfilled). Moreover, the lake is at the golf course to the south and Nek Chand’s Rock Garden is to its west.

Why Sukhna Lake is Famous, History, Problems, Avian Flu
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Sukhna Lake Sector-1 Chandigarh: Local Lore

Sukhna is an incredible part of the city of Chandigarh. However, Le Corbusier had envisioned the residents of the city would be drawn for the ‘care of the body and spirit. Most importantly, the lake is very close to the heart of the city planners. Above all Pierre Jeanneret’s ashes were immersed in the lake in 1970 at his niece’s request.

The roof of the dam has become a favorite boardwalk. Walkers pursue an exercise regime & nature lovers mingle with children on roller skates. Sukhna has a membership-based community Lake Club with lawns, indoor games, a swimming pool, and tennis courts with both synthetic and grass courts. Meanwhile, boating, rowing, sculling, sailing, kayaking, and also water skiing are the main ones. At the lake, which was the venue for the Asian Rowing Championships. Likewise, it is the longest channel. Migratory Siberian ducks, storks, and cranes come during the winter months. Above all the lake has been declared a protected national wetland by the Indian Government. In summer, there are streams of people from all walks of life offering voluntary service to desilt the lake bed for about three months.

Sukhna Lake is the place for many festive celebrations, too.  The most popular is the mango festival which comes in the monsoon season. Although other state festivals are conducted here too. Certainly, it makes it more popular.

Why Sukhna Lake is Famous, History, Development & Administration
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Sukhna Lake Sector-1 Chandigarh: Development & Maintenance

The Chandigarh Administration made a decision to not permit fish more than 30 cm in size in the Lake. However, Sukhna Lake consists of the habitat of a number of fishes. It is a very clean lake. Therefore it is better to visit here.

Why Sukhna Lake is Famous in Chandigarh , History, Development & Administration
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Sukhna Lake Sector-1 Chandigarh: Problems

Sukhna lake is facing issues like an excessive weed, catchment adequacy and silting that are responsible for shrinking its size and depth. Meanwhile to handle this a project under Parasu Ram Mishra, was employed to address the issue and take remedial measures however which halted the settings, for a while. Additionally, it has become the subject of a lawsuit between Chandigarh & Punjab.

Siltation and lack of inflow results in the shrinking speedily of the lake. But the ground realities are different.

Avian flu scare

In 2014, there was an Avian Influenza or commonly known as the Bird Flu scare that led to a temporary ban on entry to lake premises. Consequently, dead migrant geese were found in the lake. Although, the Chandigarh Government took great precautions, and the domesticated geese were taken to check for infection.  After that workers who culled the geese went for a check to be sure that they were safe. Above all the reason behind the death of the geese is that there is a bird flu scare.

Why Sukhna Lake is Famous Among visitors, History, Avian Flu
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Sukhna Lake Sector-1 Chandigarh: Sukhna Lake Sector-1 Chandigarh Timings

Sukhna Lake is the best place to spend time with family & friends. The lake opened seven days a week. Means Monday to Sunday. The Sukhna Lake Chandigarh timings are 5’o clock in the morning to till 9’o clock in the evening. Although, this place becomes crowdy in the evening. Many foreigners also come. Best picnic spot. This is the best place for a photoshoot also. The boating rate in a lake is Rs 325 per person for half an hour.  And further for two persons Rs 450 for 30 minutes. The duration is half an hour. This lake is more beautiful between mid-January to March. Mainly in the winter season. However, many migrant birds come at these times. This time the weather is pleasant and best for boating.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q 1. In which sector is Sukhna Lake?

Ans- Sukhna Lake is in Sector- 1 of Tri-City Chandigarh.

Q 2. What time is best to visit Sukhna Lake?

Ans-Mainly in the winter season. This lake is more beautiful between mid-January to March. Many migrant birds, for instance, Siberian ducks, storks, and cranes come at these times.

Q 3. How many lakes are in Chandigarh?

Ans- There are 6 lakes in Chandigarh – Sukhna lake, New Lake sec-42, Sannihit Lake, Dhanas Lake, Brahma Sarovar, and Karna Lake.

Q 4. Can we visit Sukhna Lake at night?

Ans-As early as 4.30 AM, people come here for the morning walk. And till 8:00 PM at Night.

Q 5. Is boating available at Sukhna Lake?

Ans-Yes, Sukhna Lake boating time is from 9:30 AM to 6:00 Pm, all the days of the week.

Q 6. What is the boating price in Sukhna Lake Chandigarh?

Ans- The boating rate in a lake is Rs 325 per person for half an hour.  And for two persons Rs 450 for 30 minutes. The duration is half an hour.

Q 7. Why Sukhna Lake is a living entity?

Ans- The Punjab & Haryana high court has declared Sukhna Lake a ‘living entity, or ‘legal person’ with the rights, duties, and liabilities of a living person. Therefore, all the citizens of Chandigarh as loco parentis (in the place of a parent) save the lake.

Q 8. Sukhna Lake is famous for which thing?

Ans- Sukhna Lake is famous for migratory birds which come in the winter season for example- Siberian ducks, storks, and cranes come.


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