Shubham Sharma- Hire Web developer in Chandigarh

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Hire web developer in Chandigarh

My First Name: Shubham
My Last Name: Sharma
My Email Address:
My profile eg. designer/developer etc.: Developer
I Need job: Full Time
My Expected Amount: 2.40 lakhs #
My Skills: Angular,  Mongo Db, Node j.s

Please Comment and ask for the phone number

I want to achieve the excellence in the field of  MEAN STACK DEVELOPER . i have proves m skills in below mentioned areas.

Technical Summary :

Qualification   :

 BCA        =>   HPU ( Himachal  Pradesh University) ,2016-2019 , First Division (7.20%)
 12th(MPC)      =>   HPB ( Himachal  Pradesh Board) 2015 , Second Division (58.6%)
 10th       =>   HPB ( Himachal   Pradesh Board) 2013, First Division(68.8%)

Career Objective :

Languages                     :    JavaScript
FrontEnd                        :    HTML,CSS,ANGULAR
Server                             :     Node.js
DBMS                              :     Mongo D.B
Tools                               :     Visual Studio Code..2018

Professional Experience Summary  :

I am Fresher in this field  of MEAN STACK developer. Currently ‘ i am pursuing training in the profile of MEAN STACK development from   TECHEDO TECHNOLOGIES  .
Name                               :                                Shubham sharma
Gender                             :                               Male
Nationality                     :                                Indian
Marital Status                :                               Unmarried
Date of Birth                   :                               01-05-1998
Languages Knows          :                               Hindi & English

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