Python Course in Patiala

Python Course in Patiala

Python course in Patiala– Python programming language is one of the most famous coding languages these, learning python training may bring a lot of opportunities to you, after learning python a student may go for software development using python or he may learn Django along with the python course and go for web development using python or after learning frontend along with python training python full stack developer is also a good option. Python is also very useful for scripting and widely used for cybersecurity, to drive your data using custom algorithms python is very useful, python provides several packages for data analytics and data science too.

The reason behind python’s popularity is not only because it is useful in several operations but also it is easy to learn and implement, javascript is also powerful as python but it is not easy to learn and implement as python is.

 How to learn python course in Patiala: usually students start learning programming from the c and c++ languages but if you want to go for python and python related careers only, no need to learn c and c++ you can directly start learning python programming course, though if you may change your priority from Python to other programming languages than you should star from c and c++. To start learning python training these are the modules to go with.

  • Introduction about the python with IT fundamentals
  • Environment setup for python
  • The basic syntax for python
  • Variable Types
  • Basic operators for python
  • The decision making operators for python
  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Dictionary
  • Data and Time
  • Interactive methods
  • Modules
  • Files I/O
  • Exception Handling
  • Classes and Objects
  • Database access

Machine learning course in Patiala

Here are the modules for the machine learning course using python-

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Arrays and matrices
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data visualization
  • Univariate statistics
  • Multivariate statistics
  • Time Series in Python

Data science course in Patiala

  • Writing custom python functions
  • Built-in data types
  • Loops
  • Indexing slicing
  • Rendering data from the different file format
  • Analyzing the file content
  • Lamba
  • Scientific computing
  • Numpy
  • Broadcasting and ufuncs
  • Data analysis library
  • Pandas
  • Hierarchical indexing
  • Handling missing data
  • Web scraping data mining
  • Visualization
  • Plots
  • Histograms
  • Customizing plots
  • SQL modules
  • SQL attachment with tableau

For more details about all modules of data science using python and R language go to this link

Benefits of data science course with python training- If you are learning data science using Python programming, you can join multiple profiles, You may go for a python software developer or you may go for the python web developer, You can also have a job for a data analyst using python/ Data analyst using SQL, Data scientist is the job profile you may essentially go for





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