PG’s in Chandigarh: PG for boys & girls

In this article, we are going to discuss the PGs in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is a small & beautiful city with too many colleges & Top training institutes. Chandigarh is also very beautiful it has bird parks, lakes, and clean roads.  Firstly, a huge mass is living in PG’s in Chandigarh for making their career. Secondly, the best PGs in Chandigarh provide good facilities. Therefore, Chandigarh pg rent with food is the choice of students or working professionals. As it provides the best quality food facilities, accompanied by cleaning services,ac rooms, furniture, wi-fi, security, hygiene & good food. PGs collect the rent on monthly basis. Moreover, the Best PGs are in sector 17 Chandigarh, sector 22, sector 34 & PG in 21 Sector Chandigarh. Where you can easily get a pg near IT park Chandigarh.

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PGs in Chandigarh

Pros & Cons of living of PG’s in Chandigarh:

There are many pros & cons of living in PGs in accommodation. In general, families like flats since they need a lot of room and want to keep their privacy. Because it offers meal services along with other amenities like cleaning, etc. PG is favoured by students and working professionals. Less protection and security are provided by apartments. Since it is safe, PG is the best choice.

So let’s discuss the Advantages first:

1. The use of it is as one does not have to buy everything. Most importantly, luxury PGs in Chandigarh are complete & comprise every item for a comfortable living.

2. Advantage of living with Paying guests is that students do not need to look after arranging everything generally.

3. Homely environment is provided by various Olx PGs in Chandigarh & Similarly, they offer high-quality comfort & services.

4. Advantage of living in the PG’s Chandigarh is that. Generally, the medical facilities are provided by the respective landlords of the paying guest in Chandigarh.

5. Most job seekers initially choose cheap pg in Chandigarh, pg in sector 44 Chandigarh, because they get a chance to meet some new people & build a network because most of the people are also hustling & are on the same track on which you are heading.

6. Another key point is as living with an independent pg in Chandigarh, is the best option to avoid distractions. It’s a worthy experience of life.

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Best Rooms

Disadvantages of PGs in Chandigarh :

1. In the starting, a sense of loneliness may arise for a newcomer.

2. Strictness on using excessive electricity & water & other comforts.

3. On some pg near Infosys Chandigarh, the landlord is very strict. Most importantly, you will be limited to these facilities.

4. Some PGs in rent won’t allow outsiders into your pg near allen Chandigarh. Sometimes, this may snatch a sense of freedom from yourself. That you feel in your home.

5. Not every PG offers good food. As well as cleanliness is also not well in some of the PGs. Hence, room cleaning is not up to the mark.

Points to remember about PGs in Chandigarh :

paying guest facilities in Chandigarh.
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Best PG Facilities

The benefits of PGs are you don’t need to arrange for everything generally. It all will be provided to you if you choose to live in the best PGs in Chandigarh. However, the search is tough for the best PG for a living. As it can help you in your better studies environment. You can prefer to live in a PG & enjoy the homely services of PGs likewise. Good PGs are in sectors 21,34 and 15. Sectors 21 and 33 are having the best PGs for students in coaching institutes. Meanwhile, visitors can stay for a few days.

Walk around in search of PGs in good sectors. People put up boards showing there is space on rent.

Many websites and apps are there. Where a good number of, PGs are listed on them. Like Justdial, Magic Brick, etc. The best part of online searching is that you can easily filter as per your need.

Best Location in chandigarh
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Best location with parking

Find a PG in Chandigarh that suits your condition & pocket.

FAQs about PGs in Chandigarh:

Frequent Asked Questions
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Frequent Asked Questions

Question1. Are PGs in Chandigarh cheaper than hostels?

Answer. In Chandigarh, PGs are more expensive than hostels due to the extra costs of services provided by PGs. Meanwhile, hostel fees are less as compared to the PGs. The best part is PG offers good quality food, cleaning, wi-fi,& other services. So these services cost high.

Question2. What are the disadvantages of PGs in Chandigarh?

Answer. Living with paying guests sometimes causes issues like restrictions on the use of power &water supply in excess, secondly, a sense of loneliness may arise for some of the newcomers. Outsiders are also not allowed in some PGs in rent.

Question3. Will PGs in rent provide food?

Answer. Yes, most of the PGs in rent provide good food facilities & timely meals as a part of the package & proper fresh & clean food.

Question4. How many PGs for boys are available in Chandigarh?

Answer. There are around 65+ boys PGs available in Chandigarh with the best food facilities, wi-fi, cleaning services and security. Thus, proper water & power supply availability & a good environment.

Question5. How do I find a good PG in Chandigarh?

Answer. It’s really difficult to find a good PG in Chandigarh. Therefore, you have to walk around for a while in the good sectors there. Moreover, You can find good PG’s there, as people put boards outside their homes. Hence, you can also look at some online sites like, and OLX. etc. So this is also a way to find a good PG in Chandigarh.

Question6. Which are the top localities for PG in Chandigarh?

Answer. In recommendation, you can get good PGs in sector 21, sector 34, sector 15, and sector 22. Thus, are some top localities in Chandigarh where you can easily get PG for boys & girls.

Question7. How can I save money while living in PG?

Answer. Cutting down all the unnecessary spending will save money. Cutting down on outside food bills will help you also. Most important is to track your expenses using money-saving apps. Thus, always look for a commuting partner, it will help you a lot.

Question8. Is it good to stay in PG?

Answer. Yes, PGs are a good option to stay as there is no need of buying anything they are fully furnished. Moreover, everything will be provided to you in a PG with all the comforts & services.

Question9.How can I get Luxury PGs in Chandigarh?

Answer. The requirement varies from person to person, some demand single occupancy with all the best amenities like ac rooms, wi-fi, comfortable beds, & sofas. So you can get luxury PG in sector 16 A, which costs around Rs.30,000 to Rs.40,000. Therefore, it varies according to more luxury demand of a person to person. Hence, you can add other facilities too in it for more convenience & comfort.

Question10. How to find PGs in Chandigarh under Rs.6000?

Answer. You can easily find PGs that range from Rs.4000 to Rs.6000 for both boys & girls. Thus, Just you have to search for it on online platforms like OLX,, and

Question11. Do PGs allow guests?

Answer. It varies from the PG to PG landlords’ behaviour generally. Some will allow guests to stay overnight & some may be strict about the entry of visitors.

Question12. What are the rules in PG?

Answer. Paying guest does not provides full liberty to use the entire house of the Owner. So, it becomes the responsibility of paying guests to take care of the proper cleanliness & other facilities that are provided by the owners. Moreover, He/she will not indulge in any disorderly activities leading to a breach of peace & social atmosphere of the respective PGs.


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