Different types of content writing :-

What is content writing?

It is the structural science and a fine craft of making content for digital media. The different types of content writing on the digital front includes blogs, scriptwriting for videos, e-mails, social media posts, whitepapers etc. However, all of these are for the digital growth of a brand.

We use data to know the customer’s behaviour. We study what customers are searching for and what type of content are they likely to consume. This data is then used to create content that is meaningful.

Great content comes with great effort. All organisations need different types of article writing in the marketing strategy.  

how to learn content writing
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types of content writing

How to learn different types of content writing?

If you want to learn different areas of content writing, starting writing blogs on daily basis, without fail will be a great push in the direction of mastering this craft. Other than blogs, you can also start posting your content on your social media accounts. Online platforms like Reddit, and Quora are great places to start writing. Social media provides honest feedback and criticism which helps to track progress in time.

Consistent practice will help you sharpen your writing abilities. Therefore, Being open to alternative opinions is very important for levelling up as a writer.

Role of SEO in different types of content writing:-

However, content writing is the part of online marketing which is done with the objective to create a strong online presence of the brand for which content is developed. This objective can only be achieved through the knowledge of search engine optimisation. Your effectiveness as a content writer depends on how strong your SEO skills are.

Find work online in different types of content writing:

You should find online content working projects. If you think you are an above-average writer with an understanding of search engine optimization. Provide links to your posted blog or social media handles in your cv. To judge your writing skills writing samples will be required.

Build a portfolio:-

Gaining experience from work helps you to build a good record. Do not step back from grabbing opportunities, no matter how small, that help you to improve your skills in content writing. Other than this, it is the best idea to keep posting content on blogs or social media handles. However, this will help you to build and enhance a great portfolio that will help in impressing your future employer.

Find a full-time job:-

There are many online job platforms like LinkedIn and Naukri.com that shows openings for full-time content writers. Once you are ready to transition into a full-time content writer, start applying. Apply as many times as possible. Do not stop until achieving your goal.

Keep looking for opportunities:-

However, there is always a new peak to climb. Keep learning skills. Do not stop updating with recent trends and technology in the field of content writing. Keep looking for opportunities that suit your needs.

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types of content writing

What are the different types of Content Writing?

Content is created primarily for digital marketing. The style, tone, and length of the written piece must change according to appearance. Here are different types of content writing:


Creating a blog post is part of content writing. Blog posts help in the SEO ranking of the website as the search engine rewards a website which constantly puts fresh content. You have to identify different keywords to add to your post so that, when people search for them, your blog appears first. This can be done through some research, to understand the language your customers used while searching for their queries. Blogging covers a wide range of topics and has a variety of writing styles, depending on the topic. Typically blog posts will be more approachable and conversational with the motive to inform, educate and entertain. It is a type of content writing.


Copywriting is the type of content writing which includes things like sales collateral, product description, writing your website copy, and focusing on traditional print media and infographics. This is the nuts and bolts type of content writing that people don’t think about and spend lots of time on. However, it is an important piece of content marketing. You should manage these messages strategically because these are the foundation of your brand and the first thing that your consumers will read. It is a different type of content writing.

Technical writing/long form:-

Technical writing can seem difficult, but for people who understand their own business and their own product, this can sometimes be the easiest type of content to produce. From creating white paper to ebooks to how-tos, this is the chance of explaining how your service and product work, how your searcher can apply it and tell your audience the specifics. Keep in mind that this should be approachable, try not to use too many difficult words to explain it. 

Social media posts:-

In today’s world, most of the population is on social media. There are a huge number of people out there and businesses that are expected to have a social media presence on the major platforms. Writing on social media and creating relevant and platform-specific posts and to do well there, you need to understand the quirks of each online space, for example, a white paper about your products won’t go well on Facebook, but could be great on LinkedIn. It is a different type of content writing.


While email could fall under copywriting, it is important to think about emails separately. Unlike copywriting pieces, often these are towards audiences that are unfamiliar with your brand and the solution. With emails, these are your loyal fans and the customers that keep coming for more. Because there are two different audiences, your approach should be different. It’s important to have content in your email base to keep your customers engaged and interested.

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future in content writing

What is the future of content writing?

If you do like creative things and if you enjoy reading and thinking to write and have an understanding of language, writing and communication, then content writing can be a source of income for you.

Freelance marketplaces:-

You can join the following famous freelance marketplaces to start your career as a content writer.

Upworks.com, Freelancer.com, Guru.com, Peopleperhour.com, Fiverr.com etc.

Although these are different marketplaces of freelance, with rules and regulations. These marketplaces play the role of middleman between you and the client. Your interests are safe as a writer in these marketplaces as the clients and the writers co-exist on these websites.

Frequently asked questions.

Where can I find full-time jobs as a content writer?

You can always consult an employment agency or look for jobs online on platforms like LinkedIn, naukri.com etc.

How much can I get paid as a full-time content writer?

It depends on your qualifications as a content writer, your portfolio and the company you’re applying to.

Where can I get clients if I am freelancing as a content writer?

There are several social media groups where you can get freelance projects and websites like freelancer.com, fiverr.com etc.

How much can I get paid as a freelance content writer?

It depends upon how many projects you can undertake and your experience.

How can I build a portfolio as a content writer?

Gaining experience from work helps you to build a good record. Do not step back from grabbing opportunities, no matter how small.

What are different types of content writing?

There are quite a few different types of content writing. Blogs, website content, article writing, technical writing etc are different types of content writing.


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