DevOps training in Chandigarh

Techedo Technologies is one such institute providing DevOps training in Chandigarh with experienced staff. The course, however, will cover all the modules of DevOps training. With an affordable fee and flexible timings, the course will offer you all you need to train yourself in making a promising future in the DevOps world. They offer good placements. All in all the course will let you develop a good career. This is quite beneficial for people from IT as well as Non-IT backgrounds.

DevOps is a set of practices with software development and IT operations, aims to provide high software quality and continuous delivery. It is a cross-functional mode of working inspired by Agile methodology. The practitioners use different kinds of toolchains rather than a single one. The different toolchains fit to different categories as:

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Categories of DevOps:

  1. Coding.
  2. Building.
  3. Testing.
  4. Packaging.
  5. Releasing.
  6. Configuring.
  7. Monitoring.

In today’s times DevOps is necessary because it helps in reducing the time between committing a change to a system and the change being placed into normal production, with high software quality.

Scope of DevOps Training in Chandigarh:

  • DevOps for the Security
  • Container
  • Automation with DevOps
  • PaaS-Platform as a Service
  • AI and ML using DevOps Framework

Thus, in today’s tech-world it has become a must to have professional DevOps training in Chandigarh. There are many online as well as offline courses available for the same. It is becoming a very integral part of every IT or software business. All in all, the course mainly covers these essential DevOps training topics and modules:

Modules of DevOps training

  1. Github: The Topmost tool for collaborations.
  2. Docker: Secure the packaging, running, and deploying of applications. 
  3. Puppet: It includes management and automation of software inspection.
  4. Ansible: Used for new changes in the existing system.
  5. Jenkins: It automates the complete build cycle.
  6. Kubernetes: Management of hundreds of containers.
  7. Programming basics are a must, knowledge of JAVA would be a great combination.
  8. Raygun: Basically, error monitoring and crash reporting tool.
  9. Gradle: Writing code in Java, C++, Python.
  10. Maven: Open-source tool from Apache for automating the build process.
  11. Vagrant: Working and Managing with virtual machines.
  12. Selenium: Open source tool for automation of tests used by Google and other big companies.
  13. ELK stack: This tool is used to tear-down barriers.
  14. Bamboo: Similar to Jenkins but it isn’t free.
  15. Splunk Phantom: Helps the developer to build a defensible infrastructure.
  16. Nagios: A monitoring tool as Splunk
  17. Chef: Basically, an open-source configuration tool used to turn infrastructure into code.

The trainee may also add some additional modules according to the requirements. Knowledge of one cloud platform, for example, AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP is also an option for a good scope.

Eligibility for the course:

However, any fresher can join the course, but if someone is having experience as a developer or some experience in networking, it will be easy for them to pursue further. Thus, there are no particular criteria for this, anyone with an interest to grow a career in the same can enroll. And the DevOps training fee is very affordable.


As per the data, an Entry-level DevOps developer earns around INR 366,337 per annum. Mid-level DevOps developer’s salary equals INR 1,142,206 per annum. Whereas, Senior DevOps Developers earn more than INR 1,1632,155 per annum. This is a quite good package. All in all a DevOps developer earns a handsome amount of package in India as well as outside India.

The scope is increasing day-by-day, so is the requirement of a professional guidance to start a good career in the same.


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