Data analyst vs data scientist vs business analyst

In this modern world, which is fully about technology and money, every person wants to have a skilful and perfect job to live their life happily. Since, last few years, many data jobs all over the world are on rise such as data analyst, data scientist, business analyst, many more and the question of Data analyst vs data scientist vs business analyst is frequently asked.

These jobs, not only provide you a good salary but also remains a life-long earning resource due to one’s skills. Choosing a career in a technology-based jobs, like these, is surely a great option. If you have a skill matching to these jobs, you should definitely go for it.

Though these all jobs are closely related to each other but have vast differences in their working and skills. So before choosing a career in any of these, you should definitely check out their narratives, they claim and working.

Data analyts vs data scientists vs business analysts
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What is Data Analytics?

Simply, it is a science of analysing raw data to make a result about given information. In any type of businesses, It plays an important role as it helps businesses to improve and grow in their performances. Moreover, it is also used in making quick decisions for a business and in studying the customers trends and demands. To function and operate a data analytics, every company requires a data analyst. However, If you need a full knowledge about data science for beginners, there are many books in market like data analytics for dummies, and many.

How do data analysts work?

  • Firstly, factors (like age, gender, income etc.) are set up on which it is grouped. Factors are fully based on the content of data which they are going to collect.
  • Secondly, they collect all existing data information through any devices (computer, online resources, camera etc.) to help a business decider in their planning, decisions and next actions.
  • After collecting data, they are required to fully organize a data on spreadsheets or anything through statically knowledge.
  • However, at the end, they have to re-check it for errors.

What is Data Science?

Over the last few years, data science has become an important part of many businesses as it helps industries in their growth. Though, many people find data science, a very similar to data analytics. But in reality, there are a lot of differences. Unlike data analytics, it is a more about designing new tools & methods to expand the information, creating algorithms and modern techniques to find difficulties in businesses.

How do data scientists work?

Mainly, a data scientists solves business problems through many steps.

  • Firstly, they have to gather a right information & understanding about data.
  • Secondly, they needs to set up a correct variable for data. This step is proceeded by gaining the structural & non-structural data from any correct sources such as public data, and etc.
  • After collecting the data, they processes the raw data and transfer it into an organized pattern for study. In addition, this step includes checking of whole data to maintain a stability and rightness.
  • By converting data into the ML algorithm or a statistical pattern, they study the raw data & trends.
  • After completing this, they work to solve the complex problems with business owners & holders to grow their business. They also give their advices into the planning and important decisions of a business, too.

What is Business Analytics?

Usually, associated with BI, It is a set of data studying tools, services, software and technologies for solving business problems such as on-going performance in a market & planning to improve in future. Mainly, it focuses more on predicting the result of data and trends, rather than collecting a raw data. It aims to solve a particular problem of data through the study of DA and DS. By using the past information, it also plays an important role to give useful advices for a future in companies.

set up business goals through analysing  raw data.
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How do Business analysts work?

firstly, they set up a business goals of their analysis. After that, they have to decide what they want to achieve, improve and work for the business through an information.

After that, they decides an analysis methods to perform their work. It can be of any type – mathematical or statistical.

Thirdly, they gather a raw business data to start their work from various sources.

At the end, they re-check it and unites data into a single form like a data mart.

Data analyst vs data scientist vs business analyst – Differences

Data analysts-

By using the current tools & software, to solve data-related problems, they work in collecting and studying data for the businesses to review & to make smooth decisions. While Acting as a protector of any business, they focus on improving data quality and providing their research to business owners.

A data scientists-

Popularly known as the unicorns of any business, they are very different from DAs. With the help of programs, for example R and Python, they analyse a data through statistical knowledge. DAs mostly work on daily basis reports, while DSs study & design the way data is stored.

Business analysts-

DAs, which collects a data on a regular basis and while DSs, study & store a data in a organized way on regular basis and, at the end comes a business analyst. Primarily, they help in identifying problems in a raw data with the help of IT & software knowledge. However, they use a result of DA and DS as a tool to review an on-going business. By providing, new strategies and advices to management for their growth, the role of its makes them different than the other two.

Gathers a raw data from many various a raw dataIdentifies a problem in raw data.
Collects data on regular basisStores a data in organized way on regular basis.Re checks a data on business level on regular basis.
Have a background in statisticsHave a background in tech and IT worldHave a business background
Uses SQLUses APIs and pythonQlikView
Advanced excel skillsMachine learningBusiness knowledge
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Data analyst vs data scientist vs business analyst –Similarities

All three are interlinked in their working.

  • Usage of raw data is necessary in all three.
  • Data mining and data warehousing is common.
  • At many levels, all three uses same programs for example python and R in their functioning.
  • Knowledge of math and statistics is common too.

Data analyst vs data scientist vs business analyst –Education

However, there is no particular requirement of any educational degree to become any of these. But, having a knowledge of subjects in your working field is, also important. So many companies consider at least bachelor’s degree in subjects like mathematics, economic, mechanical engineering, computer applications, and IT. Above all, these all are required as a certificate of yours of being having a knowledge about field. In addition, there’s no requirements of having a master’s degree in any of these subjects.


In USA – $70,000 per annum (average)In USA – $100,000 per annum (average)In USA – $78,000 per annum (average)
In India – 6 lakh rupees per annum (average)In India – 9 lakh rupees per annum (average)In India – 7.5 lakh rupees per annum (average)


Well, salary is also depending on the companies and business owners.

Data analyst vs data scientist vs business analyst- Conclusion

In conclusion, all these are skill-based jobs which not only requires a knowledge about a specific subject but also hard work and passion from you. However, If you found any of these skills related to you, you should definitely go for it. These are the modern technology based safe careers where one can earn well enough to enjoy their life.


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