Certifications for Business Analyst

Demand for a certified business analyst is rising at full tilt. International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) offers recognized certifications for business analyst. It offers three core BA certifications. We will talk about these three certifications and some more certificates in this article. They also offer specialized certifications, but we will cover that in some other articles. The certifications go from beginner level to experienced level. A business analyst can work for many firms. They analyze data and identify the problems in a company. Then, they provide business solutions and suggestions to implement newer technology. BAs use tools like Jira, MS Visio, Power BI, etc. Getting these certifications for business analyst training will ensure a higher salary, better opportunities, and overall performance. But all the certifications have some eligibility criteria to apply for the exam.

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Business analyst certification course

1.     ECBA Certifications for Business Analyst

ECBA stands for Entry Certificate in Business Analysis training. The exam consists of concept questions based on BABOK. We will look at eligibility criteria, cost, and exam pattern. Most important, it is suitable for people who are new in this field. Certainly, it is the first level of certification.


1.     Firstly, you must complete at least 21 hours of PD in the last four years.

2.      Further, you don’t need any work experience.

3.      Agree with the code of conduct.

4.      Agree with the terms and conditions.


The ECBA certification consists of three things.

1.      Exam Fee

2.      Membership Fee

3.      Application Fee

The total cost varies by country. We will talk about India. The membership fee is optional and costs $55. The application fee costs $60 and is the same for all the countries. If you get the membership, the exam fee will be $110. On the other hand, for non-members, the fee is $225.

The exam comprises 50 MCQ type questions. Moreover, there is no negative marking.

2.     CCBA Certifications for Business Analyst

Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA). This is the second level of BA certification. CCBA certification is for professionals who have good experience in this field.


1.      You must have completed a minimum of 3750 hours of business analysis work in the last 7 years.

2.      You must have at least 900 hours in 2 of 6 BABOK knowledge areas or 500 hours in 4 of 6 knowledge areas.

3.      At least 21 hours of PD in the last four years.

4.      You also need two references. These can be from a client or manager.

5.      Of course, you must pass ECBA to apply for this exam.


 It too comprises of three things.

1.      Exam Fee

2.      Application Fee

3.      Membership Fee

Just like the previous one, the membership fee varies by country. For India, the membership fee is $55. The application fee is $125 which is the same for all countries. The exam fee for members is $325. Whereas, for non-members, it is $450.

The exam contains scenario-type questions based on BABOK. It consists of 130 MCQ-type questions and is 3 hours long. It is based on v3 of the BABOK guide. Although, you will have to renew your certification.

3.     CBAP Certifications for Business Analyst

CBAP stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional. It is the third level. It’s suitable for people with much experience in BA. Surely, it is the most recognized BA certification. CBAP certification will help you get better wages and you will be preferred while looking for a job.


  1. You must complete at least 7500 hours of BA work in the last 10 years.

2. At least 900 hours of work experience in four of six BABOK knowledge areas. This must be done within 7,500 hours of experience. That makes a total of 3,600 hours of 7,500 hours.

3.  You must finish at least 35 hours of PD in the last 4 years.

4.  Finally, you must provide two references as well. You can get them from a client or manager.


For region III countries like India, the membership fee is $55. The application fee is $125 and the exam fee varies. For members, it is $325, whereas, for non-members, it is $450. The exam consists of 120 MCQ type questions. The exam is 210 minutes long. It has both scenario and case study questions. Further, you need to renew your certificate every three years. The renewal fee is $85 for members and $120 for non-members.

Some More Certifications For Business Analyst

Other than three core certifications for business analyst, there are more certifications related to business analysis. Some of these are offered by IIBA while some are not.

1.     IIBA AAC– AAC stands for Agile Analysis Certificate is a new certification from IIBA. This is most suitable for BAs that work in an agile environment. Moreover, you don’t need any PD hours. Another key point, it is a separate certificate. 

2.      Simplilearn Business Analyst Masters Program– This program is authorized by IIBA. You will learn CCBA, CBAP, Excel. Moreover, you will learn about agile scrum methodology, Tableau, and more.

3.      Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)– This certificate tests your skills to get actionable insights from data. You must have a master’s degree with 5 years of experience to apply for the exam. But you can also apply with three years of experience and a bachelor’s degree.

4.     PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PBA)– This certification is for BAs working with project teams. Those who have a bachelor’s degree need to have 4,500 hours of business analysis work experience in the last 8 years. On the other hand, those who don’t have a bachelor’s degree need to have 7,500 hours of work experience. The PAB exam consists of 200 MCQ type questions. But you need to renew your certificate after every three years.


In this article, we discussed all certifications for business analyst. CBAP, an IIBA certification, is the most recognized business analysis certification. We looked at the core certifications offered by IIBA in detail. Further, we also looked at some other certifications offered by different organizations. In addition, you will learn the eligibility and the cost of the exam. Surely, these certifications will help you in many ways. Such as higher earning potential, higher preference over a BA without certification. Moreover, it will increase your confidence at work. But for most of these, you must have some experience in BA. Important to realize, the cost of IIBA certifications varies by country. We discussed the cost for India.


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