Best UI/UX Courses in Chandigarh

Best UI/UX Courses Online
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The best UI/UX courses in Chandigarh always give a design-centric approach to user interface and user experience design. It is focused mainly on practical training. This includes 25 modules that provide full information on UI/UX design. You’ll learn current best practices and conventions in UX design and apply them to create compelling screen-based experiences for our apps.

Now UI AND UX is a major scope. This will provide opportunities in many fields such as marketing, human-face interaction, etc.

Reason being the best UI/UX Courses :

 This UI/UX course is especially for working professionals. For those, who do not have enough time for regular studies. This course will help you learn all UI UX design basics. Upon completing our program, you will become a great UI and UX developer. A graphic designer can also enhance their graphic designing skills through UI/UX courses. It will help them in their future career growth.

Difference between Ui and Ux Design:

Both UI and UX are different terms. So everyone should know about the difference between them. UI is all about how things see by others. It mainly focuses on graphic and voice user interfaces. UX design is all about how things will work. It includes interaction design and user research.

How best UI/UX courses work:

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Both UI and UX design are related to one another. UX mostly deals with ways to find a solution to any issue user. While UI deals with how things look after solving by the user.

Modules of UI/UX design

UI and UX  design course is composed of 25 modules. Each module has different details about UI and UX design. There is a special module for those who want to work as UI UX freelancers. The course is about 10 weeks. After every week there is a session regarding every query of a student by our expert teachers. A certificate of Microsoft UX designer will be provided to students who will be able to clear the test conducted by the Microsoft team. Batches will start every Monday. Separate courses for UX graphic design and creative UI design are also available.

Best UI/UX courses in chandigarh – Techedo Technologies

The best UI/UX courses always provide industry placement. We also provide a mobile app known as mobile app UI UX design. Some students of our academy now become the industry’s top UX designers.

Best UI/UX Courses Online India
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Also, we have short-term courses available for those who want only specific training in a specific module.

For any further assistance kindly contact us by mail, Facebook or any social platform.

Upon completion of our program, you will recommend its as the best UI UX course online.

What to choose Ui or Ux design:

Those who have great knowledge of graphics can go for UI design. As a design is focused on visualization. UX design is best for those who have great analytical skills.


Both UI and UX design course in Chandigarh mainly focus on user demands. Once someone develops this then it will make UI and UX designing a piece of cake or easy.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q-1. Which Should I Learn First UI or UX ?

Ans- UX comes first in the learning process of UI/UX. With UX, Designer works for the user Journey whereas, after UX, You’ll learn UI, which will helps you to learn a visual Elements.

Q-2. Which Institute is best to learn a UI/ UX in Chandigarh?

Ans- Techedo Technologies, Located in Sector 34A, in Chandigarh is the best Institute to learn a UI/UX. However, there are many Institutes, but this one is best in terms of fees, facilities and teaching.

Q-3. Is UX Designer a good career in India?

Ans- UX is undoubtedly, a good career in India with a high salary and good time Limit. If you are good at human-computer’s Interactive Relationships and graphic designing, UX Designer is definitely, a good career option for you.

Q-4. Whose Salary is more- UI Designers or UX Designers?

Ans- UX Designers, certainly, earn more than UI Designers. On Average, UX designers earns more than 130 thousand Dollars Whereas, UI designers earns 73 thousand Dollars. In India, It is 6 to 9 Lakh annually for UX Designers, Whereas UI Designers earns 4 to 6 Lakh annually.

Q-5. Is Google UX Certification worth it?

Ans- Google UX Certification is worth it as it’ll give you eligibility to apply for a Job as a UX Designer in any Company. However, for some big Companies, this is Low-rated Certification.

Q-6. Which is the best UI/UX Courses Online in India?

Ans- Techedo Technologies is the best Online training Institute to learn a UI/UX. They have broad courses and affordable fees.

Q-7. Does UI/UX Design Require Coding?

Ans- Many people are confused that Coding is necessary to be a UI/UX Designer. But in reality, there is no requirement for Coding to be UI/UX Designer.

Q-8. Is UI/UX a good career in 2022?

Ans- As of 2022, Jobs for UI/UX Designers are on the rise. According to many reports, there has been a rise of 18.4 % in UI/UX designer Jobs after 2020. Moreover, Salary Packages are also rising day by day.


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