How to make money as a Blog Writer?

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There are many reasons for a writer to write. From the writing perspective, every writer wants to be a better writer. Most people start writing to empty their hearts therefore, pen down their thoughts for the betterment or entertainment of people. However, Some people write to earn money through this talent. Content writing has helped many writers in knowing how to make money as a blog writer? by choosing content writing as a career option you can turn your hobby into a professional career option. If you can write well and writing is your passion you can earn well as a content writer.

How to earn money through content writing and make money as a blog writer?

Your language must be good enough to write an article. This is the key point in the field of content writing For instance you can write articles globally. English Language breaks all the regional barriers as it is the global language and easily understandable by everyone. You should work on your language improvement. It should be easy and user-friendly. As there are two types of writings academic writing and non-academic writing. Academic writing is slightly hard and not easily understandable however non-academic writing is quite easy. Earnings solely depend on what kind of niche a content writer is working in.

Content Writer Freelance Salary

Moreover, He can earn in rupee or paisa per word. Payments vary from 50 paise to one rupee per word. However, there are payments higher or lower than that. You should not accept payments lower than 50 paise per word. Some experts charge 4 rupees per word. Initially, you can get a 15000-25000 monthly freelance writer salary. With time as you get expertise in content writing, you can get 30000-70000 easily. Content can be in any form. Image content if you are getting any information or story through the image In addition to video content. Whenever we search any query on Google, it shows many results and as we open an article in the form of text it is known as content. You can also earn part-time in the field of content writing.

How to make money as a Blog Writer
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Get paid for writing Articles

Knowledge of SEO is a must if you want to earn money through content writing and make money as a blog writer? If you don’t have enough knowledge about SEO the company or entrepreneur for whom you are writing will refuse you to work for them. If the content you are writing is SEO friendly then the demand for your work would be high enough. This way you will build a strong network that can make many connections due to which you will get more and more work. People will also recommend you to their contacts. Plagiarism must be zero only then you will be able to grow in this field otherwise career will end before it starts.

How to make money through writing online and as a blog writer?

To make your content attractive. First of all, Give an overview of the article in the intro and give all the explanations in the main content. We can also add up Pros and Cons. or related questions in this section and at last, we can add a conclusion of the relative topic. The following article arrangement I am trying to represent in the below image:

After writing an article you have to perform proofreading your content like correcting grammatical errors if any, editing some sentences. Write an Article as per user/reader intent. Here I am telling you about some tools which are going to help you in self-employment opportunities such as Grammarly, keyword planar, etc. These tools help us a lot in writing an article. There are a lot of ways to learn to make money as a blog writer? to write short articles online.  Freelance article writing gives you the opportunity to work from home.

Freelancer Jobs where article writers can earn money and get listed every day. There are various ways of writing a blog, earning money, and knowing how to make money as a blog writer? Above all, Here are a few resources to help you to initiate as there are some websites that pay freelance writers for writing your own article such as:

Strong Whispers (provides $50 – $150)

Strong Whispers offers a set of articles about the environment, lifestyle, and other social issues. Your role in article writing has no limits. Articles can range from corporate, reform in educational aspects, or changes in world leadership like letting people rule and make decisions on the way we treat the environment and natural resources. They pay $50 –150 for one article. you will receive payment via PayPal only after article approval. The article gets publish instantly or on some particular date. Topic you are willing to write should be unique and impactful. They don’t publish an article that is average or below average. After submitting your article to them they rate your article via e-mail with three options:

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Wow Women on Writing (provide $50-100)

They offer good opportunities and encourage female writers to build freelance. They focus on providing excellent content for women. The articles on wow women on writing are to improve skill and showcase work. You can ask for payment by PayPal. In addition, Wow pays up to $150 for a 3000 words article. Practical and functional advice is what readers want these days with easy-to-follow steps. However, Wow Women focuses on women readers or writers and monthly themes.

I am not sure about their theme and plugins however please make sure that they do not open attachments. You need to present your article in plain text in the body of the email. 

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As described by the name this is a humor site. If you have funny skills and are creative enough to write humorous content. For instance, you can use this website to make money. Experience doesn’t matter. If you have very good skills to develop humorous content, therefore, this website offers a great opportunity to earn money through content writing. you can pick any option as per your choice. Their content includes:

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They pay $100 for one article. If more than five articles get published after that they give an increment of $100. Then you will start earning $200 for one article. If your article finishes in the top ten articles of the month depending on website traffic you get a bonus of $100. In addition, You also get a reward of $100 for coming first in the Photoshop competitions which they run twice a week.

Watch Culture to earn money as a blog writer (provide $25 – $500)

As we can know by the name it offers its entertainment coverage, news, and opinion to millions of users worldwide every month. Every day a lot of writers are earning money by publishing articles on Music, Gaming, Film, Sports, Television, etc. The audience keeps on expanding every month. several articles get posted on  Sky News, BBC Radio, Metro Radio, Dublin FM, and in national newspapers as well. Some of the writers have also earned £700 from a single article. Writers get rewards on per view basis if their content matches the reader’s desires of what they want to read.

If you do not know how to write then you can also create video content In addition you can represent good quality content in the video itself. You can contact them by two methods as it is UK based website:

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There are many other blogs and websites where you can post your content and start earning. If you are the begginer and want to be an entrepreneur you can read how to began freelancing and best self employment opportunities while working online.

What sort of Content writing jobs you can do?

Social Media Content Writer

communication skills play an important role in the social media content creation. You may get part time job opportunity or home business opportunities. You can reach to a lot of different types of audiences through varoius social media content creation on various platforms such as:

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Content Curator

Many organizations hire writers for this profile for researching and completing articles on the latest information for their blogs and websites. However, After content completion then putting all the content in one place for the ease of readers. This is a part of content research marketing. If you are expert enough in research then this can give you a great start in making money online. The work includes various roles such as:

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Blog Posting to make money as a blog writer

Many Organisations need regular writers for updating their information and posting the latest stuff continuously so that their blog or website remains active. In this way, continuous traffic will get maintain on the site keeping audiences involved in the written matter. Be careful enough as the companies require next-level writers for writing their content In addition to representing it in such an attractive manner.

The written matter must get submit in HTML format with images for each and every step because readers/viewers don’t read whole article pictures should express the written content matter. You can earn through blog posting as well this is how to make money as a blog writer?The Pay scale varies as per content length like:

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Editorial Assistance

These days this job role is highly in demand as you know you can pay money for your work and get it done within the specific time limit. Many publishers hire assistants for editing their articles or material which they are going to publish in a while. They will hire you on the basis of your dedication level as your freelancing work experience, in addition, you need to be more experienced to highlight the necessary key roles. Your job roles will be as described below:

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You can also take motivation from some highest paid freelancers. You must read their articles and get an idea of writing an article in different styles. With the help of viewing these articles you can enhance your writing skills. Some of the highest paid freelance writers are listed below:

  1. Mathew Joy Maniyamkott (By clicking on the name you will reach on his social media account and his articles)
  2. Shruti Kaushik (By clicking on the name you can reach to her write-ups).
  3. Mukti Masih (By clicking on the name you can reach to her write-ups).
  4. Vagisha Arora (By clicking on the name you can reach to her write-ups).

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Freelance is a website for the beginners to start earning money therefore, enhancing your writing skills. You can earn even while learning by taking some online projects and completing within a specific time limit as given by the client. 

You can run a tidy ship in addition publish your weekly work-list that gives a summary of your freelance writing and editing jobs depicting the quality of your work.

It provides real-time freelance writing jobs for freelance writers from all over the internet. Therefore, The earning through is good and the reward is as they deliver the job offers directly into your inbox. I hope this article fulfils your requirement and help you in knowing how to make money as a blog writer?

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This content is written by Preeti, A professional content writer, She has completed  her content writing course from Techedo Technologies Chandigarh.


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