What is Narrative Writing

A narrative essay is a group of words that tells a story. Basically, it is a part of the content writing course. Also, this delivered content explains your thoughts, ideas, your views. Sometimes we have to focus on argumental queries of the viewer like what type of questions are arising in the viewer’s mind. Visual descriptions are equally important for explaining our content so that it leaves a positive impact on readers’ minds. narrative can be fiction or non-fiction but it should be impressive in all respects. it could be an autobiography as well. basically, it is all about expressing our personal experience and sharing over social digital platforms.

what is Narrative Writing
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what is Narrative Writing?

Types of Narrative writing

Narrative writing is generally classified into a number of categories which all depend such as the motive of your narration like your personal narratives towards your personal experiences any product, your views, your perception. which is detailed as follows.

Linear narrative

To start with, linear narration is all about telling story events in methodic order. Giving narration step by step, sometimes date-wise or in a periodic manner. Historic narration explanation is required sometimes. So in that case you need to elaborate on the instances periodically. But in historic narration you can’t hide the facts otherwise narrative will be of no use.

Non linear narrative

A non-linear narrative storyteller expresses his thoughts in non-chronological order. The best example is a narration of a particular place means you need not follow the protocols. You can explain in an unspecified manner. In other words, one doesn’t need to be formal. you can emphasize your character.s sentiments.

Viewpoint narrative

A viewpoint narrative highlights on narrator’s perspective of the events. You can also highlight some specific events in your story. You may also have to focus on the advantages and drawbacks of happenings depending on your personal experiences. Although, this kind of narration is an effective way of delivering your thoughts. Provided you should be able to convince your viewpoint.

Descriptive narrative

In a descriptive narrative, the main aspect is to highlight a story set in sequential order. How your reader feels about your content, Is he convinced with your description. Sometimes you need to fill the thrills in your content. Also, the details which you are providing should be based on facts and truth. If you are assigned with the descriptive narrative you need to focus on visual content as well for better convincing.

Key Features of narrative writing

Each type of content writing has its own characteristics. In case if you are assigned for narrative writing, either from an organisation or your personal narration.

  • At the start, narration is all about grabbing attention of reader is crucial.
  • In the middle of tha story , happenings and actions are elaborated with examples.
  • Always use appropriate and precise words which are easy to understand by the reader.
  • Try to be as descriptive as possible.
  • Always make use of visual content
  • Give authentic information.
  • Give genuine reviwes based on your personal experiences.
  • Content should not br too lengthy or boring.
  • Your narration must not hurt the sentiments of anyone.
  • If your narrating an article for blogging purpose, it shoud always look like as you are appreciating the universal facts which ultimately reflects the positive feedback of the product.
  • in the end, you should be able to convince the reader.

Tips to be a perfect narrative writer

  • Use your creativity skill to build better narration. always be opputunist , whenever you get to express yourself in terms of content, be presentable through visuals.
  • As a matter of fact, personal narrative with the help of examples always improves the quality of narration.
  • Be more attentive towards your sorroundings and society circle.observe the small thing very lkeenly so that you should be able to narrate in more descriptive manner.
  • Match and mix narrative style .Insert some sense of humour as well to make your narration more attractive.
  • Make your writing shining. Avoid grammatical mistakes. Avoid using anti social words.
  • Your narration should reflect your confidence level and knowledge towards assigned subject.

Steps in planning research for narrative writing

  • identifying the real aspect of the subject and explore in detail.
  • select multiple participants to study. It is always advisable to select the number of individiuals who can provide an understanding of issue.
  • Be a good listener always and think sensibly and logically so that you can express yourself in more convincing manner.
  • try to validate the authenticity of the story.
  • Narrative composition is another architectural part of delivering your narration.

Make your writing well polished

Always try to make your writing Grammarly adequate, easy to understand words, visually impactful, convincing. Make your own recognition so that your reader should always show a keen interest in reading your article. If you are working for someone else, avoid personal narratives. The employer should make proud of himself with your delivered narration. Because the narrative text is an asset sometimes for future prospects as well.

Why choose narrative writing as career

As a matter of fact, narrative writing is all about the passion of an individual who wants to share his experiences with his reader or viewer. Sometimes writers wish to amuse their readers. If a writer has been hired by the organization as a narrative writer then he has to deliver the thoughts for the benefit of the company in terms of profit. The writer has to highlight all the positive features so that customers can get to know about companies’ profiles and ultimately convert them into profits. It is always advisable that if you want to be a qualified narrative writer you should get training from an experienced professional. Because it is all about delivering your words in a convincing manner.

There are several online courses are also available for learning narrative learning skills. You can write your own blog and make a lucrative career as well. Always, deliver quality content.

At last, narration writing is for those who have a passion to write and wish to share their experiences. Storytelling skills, sometimes almighty gifted to an individual are also an additional advantage to be an effective narrative writer. The purpose of narrative text is to give feedback about the product too sometimes.


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