How to Update Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card is an identification document in India. This card is granted by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Aadhar card comes with a 12 digit unique Aadhar number along with the fingerprint. This card is important for Government Schemes and financial services. This card contains the details of the person’s name, date of birth, gender, address photograph, fingerprints, and iris scan. There are so many ways to do Aadhar Card Updation. You can visit your nearby Aadhar Enrolment center and update your Aadhar card, You can change your address online through the UIDAI Website.

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How to Update Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card Updation

There are two ways to do your Aadhar Card Updation. The first one is, by visiting Aadhar Enrolment Center and the second one is Online Via the UIDAI website. According to the UIDAI circular, you can update your name in Aadhar Card twice times. You can update your birth and gender only once during the lifetime of the Aadhar cardholder. If the updation has to be done more than the fixed limit then it will be done under the ‘Exception Handling Process’.

By visiting Aadhar Enrolment Center

If you are visiting Aadhar Enrolment Center to update your address, gender, name, date of birth then don’t forget to carry your original documents with the correct details. And if you want to update your mobile number or email id. So you don’t need any documents. The UIDAI also launched an online facility where you can book appointments to visit the Aadhar Enrolment Center. You can book your appointment on the UIDAI website. The website is my Aadhar tab. You can also search on the internet Aadhar center near me. This will help you to search for a center.

Update Aadhar on Online UIDAI Website

All details aren’t able to update online. For instance, registration updating correcting name spelling mobile number, date of birth, and gender aren’t able to update online. But you can easily update Addresses online on the UIDAI website. Existing cardholders can update their aadhar address online. Furthermore who don’t have any proof for updating the correct address details in their card can also use the online facility. But to do this, you have to ensure that your mobile number is registered in UIDAI records. According to UIDAI Website, the time for an update is 90 days. You can also check Aadhar status anytime through a UIDAI website. So you can update your Aadhar Card address through the UIDAI website.

Charges or Fee Details for Aadhar Updation

  • If you update your Aadhar details by visiting Aadhar Enrolment Center then you have to pay Rs – 50 for each update. This amount will charge for one or more than one detail.
  • Biometric update, For instance – updation of fingerprints, update of photo and iris scan. The charge will be Rs – 100, even if other demographic details such as number, gender are not updated.
  • If you update demographic details and biometric together, the enrolment centre can’t charge you more than Rs 100 discounting the number of changes.
  • Aadhar Updation of address is free of cost. You can update your address on the UIDAI Website.

All the same, we don’t have always a physical copy of the Aadhar card. So that time we can use E- Aadhar for using all those services. E – Aadhar is valid as a physical copy of an Aadhar card for all purposes. It’s a password-protected electronic copy of Aadhar. Aadhar is digitally signed by the skilled authority of UIDAI. Nowadays, an Aadhar card is mandatory for ITR returns, applying for a new pan card. Further, if you are getting a subsidy. So you will have to provide an Aadhar number. Therefore, your every detail must be up to date and correct also.

Process of download E – Aadhar Card

  • Log on to UIDAI’s official portal
  • Click on the ‘Download Aadhar’ option in my Aadhar section of the homepage
  • Select between the Aadhar number, ‘Enrolment id and ‘Virtual ID’ as the procedure for E- Aadhar download.
  • Now enter the details of your selection.
  • Verify the CAPTCHA code before sending an OTP to your registered phone number.
  • Enter OTP to verify the process.
  • Your password-protected E – Aadhar will be download on your device.

Now, you can take a printout of this copy and also use this copy as a physical copy of the Aadhar Card.

Benefits of Aadhar Card

  • Aadhar Card will help you to open a bank account
  • it will help you to get Provident Fund, If you register your Aadhar number with the employee provident fund organization, the PF amount will be credit directly to the Aadhar Card Holder.
  • When you signing up for a gas connection if you provide your Aadhar number. The LPG subsidy amounts rapidly credited to their bank account number linked with your Aadhar.
  • This will be helpful for Scholarships also. Students can give their Aadhar number to the authority issuing the money to have the amount rapidly credited to their bank accounts
  • This will be helpful for the Passport Application.
  • With the help of the Card, You can get a pension on time
  • You can use Digital Locker Facility with the help of Aadhar
  • With the Aadhar card, You can purchase a new mobile number
  • You can take a benefit from Jan Dhan Yojna with the help of an Aadhar card.

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