Electric bike in Chandigarh

Electric Bike in Chandigarh is a very wonderful project which has been launched on Dec 10, 2020. It is a really great initiative. Smart Bike introduced 225 bikes initially for the residents of Chandigarh with two different types of bikes- electric bike (red-colored) and next-gen bike (sliver and yellow colored). These smart bikes have been placed at 25 docking stations (stands for Smart Bike from where we can rent a Smart Bike at a nominal fare rupee 5 for Smart Bike team members (for half an hour) and rupee 10 for the people of city beautiful- Chandigarh). You just have to download the Smart Bike app from the play store/app store. In Addition, this app gives two modes of payment either you can add money to a smart cash wallet in-app or pay using Paytm.

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How to ride Electric Bike in Chandigarh?

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1- Step 1 Download the Smart  Bike Mobile App.

If you are looking for a bike for rent in Chandigarh, you just have to download the Smart Bike mobile application, which is available on the Apple app. store and Google play store as well, there are different applications on the app store, the real application icon will look something like mentioned here. The SmartBike app. is now on its 4 .6.8th version, with more than 100,000 people using it, It was launched back on 4th March 2020. This application will take certain permissions from your mobile device for a better experience, Permissions like Camera, Your Location, Telephone to read phone status and identity, Storage, Control Vibration, Access Bluetooth connectivity, View Wi-Fi connections, Access location in the background, etc.

2-Upload your Phone number and ID proof.

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  • Download the SmartBike app with a red-colored logo.
  • Enter your phone number and add images of government-approved Identity proof from the front and backside.
  • Wait for the KYC approval if it is taking more than half an hour you can go to the contact us an option, message chat support to verify as soon as possible as you are waiting to initiate your bike ride.
  • By messaging customer support our KYC approval gets done within seconds.

3- Add Cash into the app.

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  • Add smart cash only after that you can start riding, the minimum amount should be rupee 50 in your smart cash wallet.
  • You have a smart option to pay for your ride on an electric bike in Chandigarh, You may add cash to the wallet of this application, you may add the app. to your existing e-wallets like Paytm, etc. You may also pay using your card as well.


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4- Ride the Smart bike in Chandigarh 

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How to start Ride?

  • Open Smart bike app looks for a docking station with a maximum number of bikes so that you can get a cycle as per your choice.
  • Scan the QR code given on the SmartBike or if the scanner doesn’t work you can add a bike number, press ok (Bike unlocks).    
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How to end the Ride?

  • Return the SmartBike to any docking station nearby, pull down the lever, and press end ride on the app screen. Money will automatically be deducted from the smart cash wallet.

What is Docking Station?

Also known as automated stations or cycle stations. There are 25 docking stations at the prominent locations in Chandigarh including Rock Garden, High Court, Sukhna lake, PGI, Sector 17(8 docking stations at sector 17), Sector 22(near Piccadilly), Sector 34(Gurdwara), Sector 16,  Sector 35(2 docking stations), Sector 43(3 docking stations) with more than 100 pedal-assisted e-bikes. By using this app I can check smartbike near me and can rent a cycle. Docking stations have special racks that lock the bike and only release it by using smartBike app. You can move your bicycle only after unlocking the bike by scanning the code from the smart bike app. We can ride the bicycle anytime and on all days of the week.

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This article is written by Preeti, A professional content writer and  student of the Content writing course @Techedo_Technologies

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  1. Rajesh Ahlawat

    Dear Team,

    One abandoned smart bike is lying in sector 9 near petrol pump.



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