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Pay Per Click Course in Chandigarh

Techedo Technologies introduces the biggest course for IT Professionals yet! To help you in growing your career and become a successful professional we introduced a Full Stack Developer Course. In the modern premises and high and labs of Techedo, we have mastered hundred of students and professional with our Full Stack Web Developer training Course and welcome you for the same. The Full-Stack Developer program has been designed to help students acquire the necessary skills to first master the fundamentals of front-end web development by coding interactive, client-facing websites and basic single-page applications (SPAs) using a combination of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP.

What is Google Ads PPC?

Pay per Click or Google Ads PPC was known as Google AdWords whose name was get update in July 2018. The main focus of the platform introduced by Google is towards paid marketing and as per report in most of campaign ROI is double. In Pay per Click, marketing experts or advertisers have to pay only when user taps or click at advertisement. Google Ads structure is built deficiently as for treats and fairly on watchwords managed by promoters. Google uses these characteristics to put publicizing copy on pages where they figure it might be appropriate.

Why PPC Training for Digital Marketers?

As we all know around the globe business have become more and more competitive and online branding plus instant recognition of product is important. And in order to get instant and better result advertiser and business are moving towards paid promotion campaign. Google Ads has raise as a big player in Paid Marketing from its introduction, as more user are using Google Search so recognition of brand through Google Ads is easy. Paid online promotion services that in turns provide visitors to their website.And the best part is advertiser have to only pay when someone click campaign and visit the respective website. Posting ads with bidding keywords will merely get the best clicks raising the corresponding website traffic and leads.

What you will learn with us?

Scheduling:Track when your sales or conversion is coming and schedule your accordingly. Avoid to run campaigns at times when conversion rate is nil or low. Purchase only during hours and days when your ROI is high.

Mobile Friendly Ads:As the user are moving towards mobile device more and more so keep your website mobile friendly. Run a separate campaign for mobile friendly user, while in case you have combined mobile and desktop campaign than reduce rate of mobile ads.

Use targeting Display Ads:Don’t thing that display ads are waste of time and money as you may get shocked by fact that display ads return a good positive ROI.

PPC Campaign Tracking at Keyword level:In case your PPC campaign is not performing well that reason behind it may be your one or two keywords. Track the keywords and try to run a different campaign for them so they can perform on their own and do not effect others.

Use Sitelinks in Ads:As per recent study many advertisers have reported that after adding their website link to ad campaigns they have seen a positive growth. So try and test adding your website link while running PPC ad campaign.

How our PPC Training Course Help you?

We are one the most renowned PPC Training Institute in Chandigarh offering Search Engine Marketing (SEM) course for Google Ads, Bind and other. In our Pay Per Click Course we give deep understanding of how to run an successful and effective ads using text and banner. We keep special focus to get understanding of how and which keywords should be used to get results with high ROI. Analyzing the traffic and tracking the results of the campaign will also be taught by our trainers.

Techedo Technologies is also known for its placement to the students after the completion of PPC Course. Our Google Ads expert trainer will also help students to make their Resume and help them to choose right IT firm to start their career.