Data Science Course in Chandigarh

Data Science course in Chandigarh

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Begin your career by joining our Data Science course in Chandigarh with 100% job placement. Getting a job in a company is the main concern of every student; we train you and conduct your interviews with companies. We have 3 months/6 months of certified programs and you can attend our demo classes to make your decision. We offer online and classrooms session, you may select the program which is suitable for you. We provide you complete practical training so that you can work efficiently. We have a faculty of expert trainers who have years of experience in data science.

Our data science training in Chandigarh helps you to build your career in this field. Some students are not able to attend classroom training due to reasons; they can join our certified data science training online session which might be flexible for them. Moreover, we provide them recorded audio/video of our training session which will be very useful for them.  

What is Data Science?

Data science can be explained as an admix of arithmetic, business sagacity, algorithms, tools, and machine learning techniques, all of which aid us to find out the hidden insights from raw data which can be of important use in the development of big business determination. 

Job Opportunities: 

Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, Applications Architect, Enterprise Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Data Engineer, Business Analyst, Data Manager, Business Intelligence Manager, Statistician, Data Analyst 

In India, the average data scientist receives a salary around INR 698,412 PA and they can get around$95,000 PA in the USA 

By joining our Data Science Course, you will learn: 

Mathematical & Statistical skills

Basic of probability and statistics

Coding using R and Python 

R Libraries for Data Science

Dplyr: The library is used for data manipulation

ggplot: It helps in data visualization package for the programming language

Esquisse: It is also an excellent library used for data visualization 

Python Libraries for Data Science

Data Mining:           

Scrapy: Scrapy helps to make crawling programs that can fetch structured data from the web

BeautifulSoup: It is also one of the most popular libraries for crawling and data scraping. 

Data Processing and Modeling:

Tensor Flow: It is an open-source library used for numerical computation and machine learning.

Numpy: This is a numerical Python system and is good for scientific computing and performing array operations. It is effective to use in multidimensional data.

LightGBM: It is a free open source framework for machine learning and algorithm.

Scipy: This is useful for linear algebra, integration, optimization, statistics, and more.

Matplotlib: It helps make stories with the visualized data. It is almost parallel to MATLAB.

Pandas: It is created to aid developers to work with data structure and data analysis tools.

Keras: Keras library is mainly used to build neural networks and modeling. It helps to develop and analyses models

SciKitThis library is to use for data mining tasks such as clustering, regression, model selection, etc.

Eli5: It is a python which helps to debug machine learning

Pytorch: Itis a python-based library makes to provide aid for applications such as computer vision and natural language processing.

Machine learning algorithms and mathematical models

Data Preprocessing

Data Imputation

Data Cleaning

Data Analysis

Data Engineering

Data Mining

Big data 

A complete and extensive data science course will cover

Introduction to R Language

Introduction to Python Language

Introduction to Data Science

Data Visualization

Analyzing network graphs 

Machine learning concepts:

Basic concepts

Linear Algebra, Probability

Naïve Bayes

Principal Component Analysis

Linear Discriminant Analysis

Support Vector Machines












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