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Human Resource Management course in Chandigarh

Welcome to Techedo, one of the leading professional HR training institutes in Chandigarh. Human Resources (HR) department is the backbone of any company. They are the reason salaries arrive on time, everything is neatly organized, and employees are able to enjoy company benefits. Without them, imagining a company working will be near to impossible.

However, being an HR professional isn’t easy. You’re expected to have a knowledge of factors like company hierarchy, policies, employee rights, and management practices. For this, you have to undergo a proper human resource management training like the one Techedo has brought to you.

This training will cover various important factors that will play a crucial role in your successful career in HR Management. Following will be the main focus of your human resource management training curriculum:

  • Fundamentals of human research management
  • How to recruit, interview, and hire new employees?
  • How to train your Interns?
  • How to maintain a healthy workplace?
  • How to lead in a diverse and inclusive culture?
  • Preventing sexual harassment at work.
  • How to conduct effective investigations in office?

There will be many such other factors as well. However, we’ve covered only the important ones.

Doing HR Management Training from Techedo: Here are the perks

A Chance to Learn from the Best: The most unique thing about Techedo is its faculty. They’re not just simple trainers but highly qualified professionals picked from the Leading Management Institute and global MNCs. They’ve detailed practical knowledge of everything. Hence, they specialize in creating industry-ready candidates who know about every company rules and strategies before they even join.

There is high demand for such candidates in the industry. You can also be one of them. Just undergo your training with us.

Cool Learning Environment: You’ll hardly find the unruffled classroom environment that we offer at Techedo – anywhere else. Well-ventilated rooms with AC and lightening, properly arranged desks, latest screen projectors, and cool staff – all these things make learning with us very special.

Learning by Practical: We learn things best by doing them instead of cramming like a parrot. Hence, we at Techedo, put special focus on the fact that learning should be practically done. For this reason, we hold regular seminars and brainstorming sessions during the training so that human resource management trainees learn practically dealing with things instead of just having a theoretical knowledge.

This methodology definitely helps trainees emerge as true professionals who actually know how to face a problem and come up with a reliable solution.

Training Duration

Now, if you have decided to have your Human Resources Management Training from us, you might be interested in knowing how much time it usually takes for a training.

We conduct three types of training sessions:

  • 6 Months Training: This training is usually conducted after college
  • 6 Week course: Conducted in mid-semester.
  • 45 days training college time: Done during college or mid-semester holidays.
  • 3-6 Months long regular courses: There courses are conducted regularly.

If interested, contact us. You can either give us a call or shoot an email. We’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.