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AWS (Amazon Web Service) Course in Chandigarh

Greetings from Techedo! We offer top-class AWS (Amazon Web Server) classes in Chandigarh. We flaunt to have a veteran staff of AWS educators with several years of expertise in cloud computing.

Our teaching and training methodologies are guaranteed to produce results. We are pleased to be enlisted among the best AWS (Amazon Web Server) training institutes in sector 34 Chandigarh and we strive to keep it that way.

Introduction to AWS (Amazon Web Server)

AWS is an on-demand Cloud Computing platform owned by Amazon. It is a cloud computing service offered on a paid subscription basis to a variety of clientele, ranging from individuals to governments. Amazon Web Server virtual computers emulate many attributes of a real computer. In fact, each AWS system visualizes its distinct console I/O.

AWS subscribers can deploy their AWS Systems for providing Internet-based services to themselves as well as their customers. Throughout the world, server farms implement AWS technology. Fees for the services are based on a combination of usage, features chosen by the subscriber, availability, redundancy, security and other service options. Till 2017, AWS comprises of over 90 different services.

AWS (Amazon Web Server) vs. The Competition

Amazon Web Server is used in over 190 countries around the world. Several full-fledged organizations like Netflix, Expedia and LinkedIn relies on AWS for serving their clientele. There are several benefits of using AWS for your infrastructure requirements, some of them are:

  • Best-in-Class PaaS Offerings - Amazon Web Server offers highly scalable managed services for database, data warehousing, storage, transcoding, etc. This decreases the total time & effort required for setting-up & managing the infrastructure. Hence, there is a considerable decrease in the need of go-to-market cycle for end-customers.
  • Completely Commitment-Free- All server-backed services offered by AWS are charged on an hourly basis. Therefore, as soon as you stop a server, there will be no billing from the next hour. Ranging from Content Delivery Network (CDN) to data warehousing service, AWS offers everything with no-commitment.
  • High-Standard Security - Amazon Web Server is stern when it comes to security. They have built several highly-secure infrastructures with state-of-the-art safekeeping measures. Multiple geographic regions and availability zones allow clients to stay safe from even the worst of natural disasters and system failures. AWS offers Identity & Access Management (IAM) and CloudTrail to its customers for keeping track of all activities of different users. Additional security measures include MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), Isolate GovCloud& encrypted data storage and private subnets.
  • No Up-front Cost and Hourly Priced Model - Unlike other cloud computing platforms, AWS is available in an hourly priced model. Moreover, there is no up-front cost at all. This is one of the important reasons why startups are relying on Amazon Web Server.
  • Super-fast Procurement - Typically, procuring a brand new server requires time between a few hours to 10 days. Of course, this depends greatly on whether the infrastructure is on-premises, co-located or virtual. Moreover, additional time is required for procuring software licenses too. However, AWS allows you to setup and go with the new server(s) in mere minutes. Furthermore, there is no need to buy a separate license for different OSs and software.

Contact us today to learn more about one of the best AWS (Amazon Web Server) institutes in Chandigarh i.e. Techedo. We offer comprehensive AWS (Amazon Web Server) courses in Chandigarh. We are available around the clock, all 7 days over mail and phone.